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How to Use the Volleyball in High on Life

Volleyball in High on Life
Image Source: Squanch Games via Twinfinite

How to Use the Volleyball in High on Life

Use the powers of the volleyball to make some alien friends in High on Life.

Many shops in High on Life offer various products that you can use for your adventures or expand your inventory collection. Some items enhance the character’s suit and skills, while others have hidden abilities without much detail on what they actually do. In this guide, we’ll focus on how to use the volleyball in High on Life and provide information about its location.

How to Get the Volleyball in High on Life

Players can purchase the volleyball at the Moplet shop in the G3 Mines of Zephyr Paradise. You can access this location in High on Life by playing through the Krubis bounty mission since the store will be on the pathway to this particular enemy. But, if players miss this opportunity, they can return to this area through the Bounty 5000 portal at their house. From there, you can select the Upper Valley in Zephyr Paradise and make your way to the mines through the nearby elevator.

Once players go deeper into the G3 Mines, they should find the Moplet shop, where they can buy the volleyball for 80 Pesos.

How to Use the Volleyball in High on Life

The volleyball in High on Life can be used to avoid a fight with enemies in the mines, who will guard the Summoning Portal Mod for the Sweezy gun. Those who need help finding this item’s location can follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Take a right at the Moplet’s store in the G3 Mines.

    Moplet Shop in High on Life

  2. Take another right.

    As you make your way through the G3 Mines, you should see another route with a few Luglox chests.

    Volleyball net pathway in the G3 Mines

  3. Go through the robotic claw to locate a few tunnels.

    A claw in High on Life

  4. Use the middle pathway.

    Players must take the middle route at the crossroads.

    Tunnel crossroads in High on Life

  5. Use Sweezy’s Time Bubble to slow down the fan.

    Skeezy's Time Bubble

  6. Enter through the fan vent to find the volleyball net.

    With the volleyball on hand, the two enemies in this place will no longer attack you, allowing you to obtain the Summoning Portal Mod freely.

    Aliens playing volleyball in High on Life

Although you can’t play any volleyball with the aliens, the Summoning Portal Mod grants Sweezy the ability to place portals that auto-fire fully charged crystals after a delay. Therefore, players can heavily damage adversaries with this new upgraded power.

So there you have it, this is how to use the volleyball in High on Life. For more content, you can explore the relevant links below, including our guides on how to use Warp Discs, the Skate Park challenge, the Lezduit Gun, and what to do after beating the game.

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