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How to Unlock All Maps in Vampire Survivors

how to unlock every map in vampire survivors
Image Source: Poncle via Twinfinite

How to Unlock All Maps in Vampire Survivors

There’s more beyond the edges of the Mad Forest.

There’s more to Vampire Survivors than the Mad Forest. With enough skill, perseverance, and time, you unlock a series of stages more challenging than the last. If you’d like to expand past the edges of the Mad Forest, here’s how to unlock all maps in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Every Main Map in Vampire Survivors

To unlock every main stage in Vampire Survivors, you have to reach a specific level in each stage before the following map becomes available.

  • Mad Forest: Unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Inlaid Library: Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest.
  • Dairy Plant: Reach Level 40 in Inlaid Library.
  • Gallo Tower: Reach Level 60 in Dairy Plant.

Now, every main map also comes with an alternative version called Hyper Mode. You, as well as the enemies, will experience bonus modifiers like increased movement speed, a gold bonus, and even a luck bonus. Every map requires that you survive 25 minutes and defeat the boss that spawns to unlock Hyper Mode.

How to Unlock Every Bonus Map in Vampire Survivors

Not only does Hyper Mode add an extra layer of challenge, but beating them can reward you with bonus maps, though not all bonus stages are unlocked this way.

  • Il Molise: Unlock Hyper Mode for any of the main stages.
  • Green Acres: Unlock Hyper Mode for any two main stages.
  • The Bone Zone: Unlock Hyper Mode for any three main stages.
  • Moongolow: Unlock Hyper Mode for every main stages.
  • Holy Forbidden: Survive Moongolow for 15 minutes, and you’ll be transported to Holy Forbidden. You can use any character excluding Divano and Gallo.
  • Cappella Magna: Complete the Lunar Event in Holy Forbidden. It starts automatically upon entering Holy Forbidden and ends when you retrieve the Yellow Sign.

Similar to the main maps, every bonus map has its own Hyper Mode, except Holy Forbidden. Hyper Mode is unlocked automatically for every bonus map, but Cappella Magna’s Hyper Mode is only available after you’ve survived for 25 minutes.

There you have it: how to unlock all maps in Vampire Survivors. Since you’ll need to survive for nearly half an hour for each of the main maps, it would be in your best interest to expand your character roster by unlocking all secret characters as well as Avatar Infernas.

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