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How to Fix ‘Unable to Service Your Request’ Error on The Game Awards Stream (E502 L3)

Steam Deck

How to Fix ‘Unable to Service Your Request’ Error on The Game Awards Stream (E502 L3)

The Steam Deck giveaway is not going smoothly!

Valve is giving away a Steam Deck every minute that The Game Awards are broadcasted for on its official livestream. Players who signed up can watch the show on Steam’s official broadcast page, where they’ll be in with a chance to win a Steam Deck every 60 seconds. However, some potential Deck owners are facing technical issues with the livestream. Here’s how to fix the ‘Unable to Service Your Request’ error in The Game Awards’ Steam Stream.

How to Fix E502 L3 Error in The Game Awards Steam Stream

So the quick and easy fix for this one is to simply press F5 or refresh the page on your device’s browser. This should cause the stream and the Steam Deck winner announcer widget to return to your screen.

Image Credit: Valve via Twinfinite

The bad news is that even if you get the stream to start working again, the widget at the top of the chat that announces the Steam Deck giveaway winners every 60 seconds isn’t actually loading the next Steam Deck winner at all. It’s just giving a message saying it’s loading the winner, but one sadly never comes.

It does appear to be working for some people, but it’s unclear how, or if Valve will reach out to winners via email or another contact method to make sure everyone who did what they could on their end, will get their deserved rewards.

We’ll keep this updated post as we know more about the situation and stability of The Game Awards Steam Stream.

Have you been hit with the ‘Unable to Service Your Request’ error on The Game Awards stream? Let us know in the comments below.

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