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How To Fix PS5 LAN Cable Disconnected Error

how to fix the lan cable disconnected error on the playstation 5
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

How To Fix PS5 LAN Cable Disconnected Error

A few solutions you should try if the PS5 insists the LAN cable is disconnected.

If you’ve been wondering why the PS5 keeps saying the LAN cable is disconnected, you might be experiencing a very annoying error with your PlayStation 5. It’s unclear where the issue stems from, but the effect is felt all the same. How are you going to enjoy online features if you can’t connect, right? Thankfully, there are a few solutions, so here’s how to fix PS5 LAN Cable Disconnected error.

How To Fix PS5 LAN Cable Connection Issues

If your PS5 keeps saying LAN Cable Disconnected, we’ve gather a series of methods that are ordered from easiest to most involved in an effort to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Restart your modem and console.

    Before you waste your time with anything drastic, first check that your router isn’t causing issues. Simply plug the power cable, wait 60 seconds, then plug it in and see if it solves the problem.

  2. Update the console’s system software.

    Shut down the PS5 completely. Press and hold the Power Button until you hear a second beep. Choose option 3: Update System Software. After it’s completed, go ahead and boot up the console like normal.

  3. Revert to the console’s default settings.

    Don’t worry, your games and files will stay intact as this option simply restores the settings to their default state. Boot up the PS5 in Safe Mode and choose Option 4: Restore Default Settings.

  4. Clear the system software cache and rebuild the database.

    If that didn’t work, shut down the PS5, boot into Safe Mode again. This time choose Option 5: Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. Again, don’t worry—your save data and games will be safe. First, select Clear System Software Cache. When that’s complete, select Rebuild Database.

After all that’s said and done, and you’re still experiencing the Lan Cable Disconnected error on PS5, it’s time to consider picking up a new Ethernet cable. Of course, getting in touch with a Sony representative is also a viable option as the LAN port may be damaged.

With that, you’ve exhausted your options on fixing the ‘Lan Cable Disconnected’ error on PS5. If you’re lucky and the issue was solved, then you can go ahead and enjoy great titles like Witcher 3; in fact, the next-gen update is available now. The new update isn’t just an upgrade in graphical fidelity, but adds new content to Witcher 3.

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