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All Roblox Royale High Winter Halo Answers for 2022

All Royale High winter halo answers in Roblox
Image Source: The Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

All Roblox Royale High Winter Halo Answers for 2022

Here’s how to get your hands on that elusive winter halo in Royale High!

It’s officially winter time, and with that comes a few things: cold weather, cozy nights in, and Royale High’s winter halo event, of course. If you’ve arrived here, then chances are you’re looking for all Roblox Royale High winter halo answers for 2022. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve outlined the answer to opt for to help you get your mitts on that new, shiny winter halo. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business, shall we?

All Royale High Winter Halo Answers (2022)

It’s important to note that choosing these specific answers only maximizes your chances of getting the Royale High winter halo. In other words, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll obtain the winter halo with these answers, but your chances of attaining the halo are significantly increased when you use the answers below (H/T, Pink Moon):

  • Follow the trail with the animal tracks (by Zephvrix/vixyte) – C or D
  • Choose a scented candle (by mini clouds_ii) – A or C
  • An avalanche is wildly coming towards you (by LidiaHopeAngel) – C
  • What to so at the Winter Ball (by IconicSoftX/MediDaEevee) – B
  • Choose between the three boats in Snowglobe Summit (by Starryfaes) – A or B
  • Chooses what to give Captain Whiskers (by ThENeRDThATIsRaNDOM) – C
  • Pick between four activities at Snow Globe summit (by ArachnoCutiee) – A
  • Ordering a beverage from the pale snow fairy (by GalxcticGuinea/Lxna_Topcat) – B
  • Choose what part of the table to bring the man in white (by lychee_waffles) – A or B (B is more likely to get the halo)
  • Snowy figure grabs you with icy arms and startles you (by Cicilo07) – B
  • Tripping over the snow globe and deciding what to do with it (by Mineresta) – A
  • Choosing a pair of ice skates (by oOCleopatraOo) – C
  • Escaping a nightmare snowy situation (by vi_autumn) – A

Another potential method of improving your chances of getting a halo in Royale High is that the game allegedly favors newly created accounts. That being said, this is purely speculative, but if you’re really desperate for a halo, using a new account may give you slightly better odds at actually netting that elusive winter halo in Royale High.

Be patient, keep plugging away and hopefully you’ll win that sought-after winter halo. We’ve got our fingers crossed and we’re rooting for you — you’ve got this!

So, that wraps things up for today. Hopefully, this has helped to clue you in on all Roblox Royale High winter halo answers for 2022. For more, here’s an in-depth list of all Adopt Me pet trade values, as well as guides explaining how to run in Doors, all Club Roblox codes, all Fruits Battlegrounds codes, and how to get all the markers in Find the Markers.

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