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Combat Warriors Roblox Kill Sound IDs List

all combat warriors roblox kill sound ids list
Image Source: Roblox Corporation

Combat Warriors Roblox Kill Sound IDs List

Shake up your kill sounds in Combat Warriors with these IDs!

If you love action-packed games involving weapons, like swords and bows, then give Combat Warriors a try. You’ll be pitted against other players in an effort to be the best. However, you can inject a bit more fun through the use of Kill Sounds, which play after you’ve slain another player, like Raining Tacos. Take a look at what’s available by checking out our Combat Warriors Roblox Kill Sound IDs list down below.

All Working Kill Sound IDs in Roblox Combat Warriors

There’s a plethora of kill sound IDs available for Roblox Combat Warriors, 33 to be specific, and their codes are:

  • 1058417264: You suck
  • 142376088: Raining tacos
  • 3627436232: Jedi 
  • 6823378863: Idk name
  • 6879335951: Samsung Notification
  • 7361042352: Mario death
  • 7393653993: Get sadistic
  • 7405233417: Sorry bout that
  • 7477399357: Okay I pull up
  • 7528566442: Brick break
  • 7528566442: Hello bozo
  • 7601135039: That brother gone
  • 7731257875: Masquerade
  • 7807987190: Grim Reaper
  • 8120788861: Anime kill song
  • 8156780600: HEHEHEHA 
  • 8206613250: What a shame
  • 8232443738: Sick beat
  • 8267984616: Ima make it look pretty
  • 8361667514: COD Zombie
  • 8621344741: Counting Stars (Instrumental)
  • 8630619335: Backstabber
  • 8700353843: You thought it was over
  • 8786891922: Chinawave
  • 8835052762: Back in your cage monkey
  • 8842446965: Nah ichi ni san
  • 8904888220: Disappointed spongbob
  • 9013453392: Mike will make it 
  • 9057023555: Leave me alone
  • 9114156521: Jojo kimeo
  • 9114710961: Russian song idk
  • 9117881412: If I can’t have you, no one can
  • 9118868269: Gimme more

How To Redeem Kill Sound IDs in Combat Warriors in Roblox

how to redeem combat warriors kill sound ids in roblox
Image Source: Roblox Corporations via Twinfinite

Thankfully, redeeming kill sound IDs in Combat Warriors is very simple. If you found one you might like, follow along with these steps:

  1. Select the cogwheel in the bottom-left corner at Combat Warriors’ main menu.
  2. Choose the Audio tab.
  3. Under the Kill Sounds section, use one of the codes above. Keep in mind it will cost 199 Robux to unlock this feature.

With that, you’ve got everything you need: all Combat Warriors Roblox kill sound IDs and how to redeem them. For more content on Roblox, improve your knowledge of Adopt Me by learning all Adopt Me pet trade values. If it’s anime you enjoy most, then check out all My Hero Mania codes.

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