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Will There Be a Bayonetta 4? Explained

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Will There Be a Bayonetta 4? Explained

Surely, Bayonetta 3 won’t be the Umbra Witch’s final adventure, right?

Bayonetta 3 has finally seen its release on the Nintendo Switch. First announced in 2017, fans can finally enjoy PlatinumGames’ fast-paced action game with the iconic Umbra Witch herself, Bayonetta. Even after an incredibly long wait, some fans may be curious as to whether the Bayonetta franchise will continue following this entry. Here’s everything we know about whether there will be a Bayonetta 4.

Will There Be a Bayonetta 4?

As of right now, Bayonetta 4 is not officially confirmed, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. While it may be too early for an official announcement about a future game, Hideki Kamiya has confirmed through his Twitter account that he has plans up to a ninth entry in the Bayonetta franchise.

A few months later, Kamiya-san mentioned “Bayonetta 4” explicitly, teasing “Unexpected developments” while responding to a question from a fan.

Of course, this is not to be considered as an official announcement, but it certainly indicates that the vocal developer has pretty clear plans in mind for the next entry of the Bayonetta series.

Obviously, an official announcement of impending sequels won’t come anytime soon, given that Bayonetta 3 has just been released. Even so, at least Kamiya’s tweet creates some hope that we may hear about the next chapter at some point in the not-too-far-future. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another eight-year wait like Bayonetta 3 did.

That’s all we’ve got on whether there will be a Bayonetta 4. Stick to Twinfinite to learn more about Bayonetta 3, including how long the game will take you to beat.

There should also be some more Bayonetta-related content down below that you may find helpful, as well as some other news and features for the series that you’ll enjoy. For any questions you have about the game that you can’t seem to find the answer to, always feel free to reach out to us in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help.

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