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Warzone 2 Download File Size, Explained

Warzone 2 Download File Size, Explained
Image Source: Activision

Warzone 2 Download File Size, Explained

This small Warzone 2.0 download size is a big surprise.

Call of Duty has been notorious these last few years for the massive file sizes of both games and their updates. We have all the information to let you know how much of a dent this new release will make on your hard drive. Here’s our full explanation of the Warzone 2.0 download file size.

It should come as a huge surprise that you’re not looking at another massive download to get to enjoy the new version of Warzone. While every platform is different, the small PlayStation downloads should surprise everyone.

How Big is Warzone 2.0’s Download Size? Answered

To download Warzone 2.0 on PS5, it’s only 38 GB for Modern Warfare 2, which we didn’t own, and then 3.2 GB for a content pack. PS4 is even weirder because, for the same content, you’re looking at a 3.5 GB download.

However, once we went to start Warzone 2.0 on PS5, the game wanted a further 25 GB. This means while the initial download is small, the files will then uncompress. So while you have a small initial download, that’s not indicative of the final size. PS4 players will likely see another 15 GB or so.

Other reports say this is roughly the same case for Xbox One and the Series X|S, somewhere in the ballpark of 10 GB. So no matter what console you want to play on, you’re looking at an under 50 GB download at first, but then will be larger from there. players are looking at a roughly 18 GB Warzone 2.0 download, but considering you’re on PC, will probably end up needing an additional 50 GB.

This is everything you need to know about the Warzone 2.0 download file size. If you’re wanting to know some of what you are getting into with the new Warzone, the Call of Duty site put out an excellent overview to get your get in the game.

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