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Only True Fans Can Get A Perfect Score In This Silent Hill Movie Trivia Quiz

Silent Hill movie quiz
Image Source: Konami and Tristar Pictures

Only True Fans Can Get A Perfect Score In This Silent Hill Movie Trivia Quiz

The fear of blood tends to create fear of the flesh.

Even though many cinemagoers were nonplussed by Christophe Gans’ 2006 filmic adaptation of Silent Hill, it still managed to resonate with fans of Konami’s critically-lauded survival-horror franchise. Indeed, you just have to take a glance at Metacritic‘s critical score of 31 for the movie, then compare it to the more respectable 7.9 user score on the same site, and you get an idea of the general disconnect between critics and the fanbase.

Yes, the narrative exposition was a little unwieldy in the second half, and yes, the ending could’ve benefited with another rewrite, but what we received was a very faithful interpretation of the original source material which boasted some excellent music from Akira Yamaoka, as well as some terrific acting from the likes of Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden and Sean Bean.

Add in some eye-catching cinematography and some nerve-racking horror atmosphere, and what you have is a pretty underrated haunted town thriller that definitely captured the essence of Konami’s beloved video game series.

With the film’s 15 year anniversary just in the rearview mirror, and with news that Gans is currently in the process of working on a third Silent Hill pic, we thought that now would be a good time for us to separate the wheat from the chaff by testing your general knowledge on the critically-maligned horror pic.

So, grab your flickering torches, crackling radios and rusty pipes as we return to the foggy, derelict streets of Silent Hill in Twinfinite’s latest trivia quiz. Can you get a perfect score in our Silent Hill movie trivia quiz?

Think You Know Everything About The Silent Hill Movie? Take This Trivia Quiz To Find Out

At the beginning of the film, Rose is looking for Sharon in the woods and finds an object that belongs to Sharon. What does she pick up?
The film's version of Silent Hill is based on which real-life town?
Why is the town of Silent Hill closed?
What are the first monsters Rose meets when she reaches Silent Hill?
When Officer Cybil Bennett arrests Rose, where does Cybil say she wants to take Rose?
Shortly after Officer Cybil arrests Rose, they are both attacked. What monster attacks them?
When Rose is in Midwich Elementary School, she discovers a child’s handprints in the dust on the desk with a word carved into the wood. What is the word?
Complete this famous quote from Alessa Gillespie: "When you're hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate and the hate starts to change..."
Akira Yamaoka's original Silent Hill music comprises the majority of the film's soundtrack, but there is one licensed song that the filmmakers use. What song is it?
Rose meets some monsters in the basement of Brookhaven Hospital. What monsters does Rose meet?
Complete this memorable quote from Dahlia Gillespie: "Fire doesn't cleanse, it..."
Why did the cult want to kill Alessa?

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Image Credits: Konami and Tristar Pictures

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