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You Can Carry Your Favorite Pokemon Everywhere With These Adorable Plush Backpacks

pokemon plush backpack pikachu

You Can Carry Your Favorite Pokemon Everywhere With These Adorable Plush Backpacks

Pikachu, Eevee, Gengar, Piplup, and Mimikyu are each getting their very own plush backpack merchandise in Japan.

A retail store chain in Japan called Shimamura is introducing new merchandise that will allow you to carry your favorite Pokemon everywhere you go. Five plush backpacks featuring some of the most beloved Pokemon are up for preorder at the Japanese retailer, and they are all incredibly adorable.

The five backpacks included in this collection are Pikachu, Eevee, Gengar, Piplup, and Mimikyu. Each one looks like a plush version of that Pokemon alone with straps to go on your shoulder and a zipper on the back that leads to a pouch.

They look like the absolute perfect gift for any Pokemon fan, especially for children who will soon be going back to school or want to show off to friends. I know I would have been all over these backpacks as a child.

Although the website doesn’t offer international shipping at this time, each one costs 2,700 yen (approximately $20 USD) if you are able to order within Japan. Since it’s still in the pre-order period, you have until August 14 to make your reservation, and the backpacks are expected to ship in early September this year.

You can view each of the Pokemon plush backpacks and reserve them on the Shimamura website right here.

If you can’t purchase any of the backpacks but still want to admire how adorable they are, here are some pictures of each one.

pokemon plush backpacks pikachu eevee gengar piplug mimikyu

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