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How to Unlock Hoverbikes (MDI-707B) in Saints Row


How to Unlock Hoverbikes (MDI-707B) in Saints Row

The newly rebooted Saints Row lets you drive hoverbikes, so here is how to unlock hoverbikes (MDI-707B) in Saints Row.

While the latest entry of Saints Row dials the tone down a little from the superpowered Saint Row IV, there are a few near-future elements in the new reboot. One of those features are hoverbikes. Here is how to unlock hoverbikes (MDI-707B) in Saints Row.

These jet-powered vehicles are not called hoverbikes officially and instead go under the name MDI-707B, but they hover above the ground and water. So, basically hoverbikes.

How to Unlock & Get Hoverbikes in Saints Row

The hoverbikes can be unlocked in the mission following the one where you break the Nahualli out of prison. It is called Corporate Retreat, where you decide the gang should have a day off to bond and recharge. Instead, the gang winds up fighting all three factions, Marshal, Los Panteros, and The Idols, in a single day. At one point during this mission, you’ll even get to ride one of these while fighting each opposing gang all at once.

Once you defeat everyone and complete the mission, the MDI-707B hoverbikes will be unlocked and can be summoned from the home base’s garage. All you have to do is go to the vehicle’s section of The Church, and the bike will be available to pick from. The stats of the MDI-707B hoverbike cannot be upgraded, but it can be customized with different skins, paint jobs, and other visual or audio flairs.

That is everything you need to know on how to unlock hoverbikes (MDI-707B) in Saints Row. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more game coverage and follow the links below for other helpful Saints Row guides.

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