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Popular Trans Streamer Keffals Temporarily Banned On Twitch After Appeal Rejected

Image source: Keffals via YouTube

Popular Trans Streamer Keffals Temporarily Banned On Twitch After Appeal Rejected

Popular Trans Streamer Keffals has been hit with a ban from Twitch after her appeal was rejected.

A popular trans Twitch streamer has had her appeal rejected after receiving a ban from the platform following a live stream criticizing a YouTuber for their alleged transphobia.

Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, well known on the platform for providing news and political commentary to an LGBTQ audience, broadcasted a live stream aimed at YouTube Gaming streamer Steven Kenneth, better known as Destiny.

Sorrenti accused Kenneth of holding transphobic views and criticized him for his connection to the controversial chat forum “KiwiForums” which is known for promoting harassment and group trolling. In the thumbnail for her stream, Sorrenti displayed a list of slurs that she claimed had been aimed at her for her position as a trans Twitch streamer, resulting in her ban.

Sorrenti revealed on Twitter this morning that her appeal had been rejected and voiced her disappointment saying:

“Twitch rejected my appeal. I am banned for another 28 days for displaying a list of hateful slurs that were actually hurled at me by bigots in order to illustrate the kind of harassment I receive for being an openly trans twitch streamer. I have never been this disappointed.”

Sorrenti who has identified as transgender since her teenage years has regularly been at odds with Kenneth for their opposing views and has spoken out against him in a number of videos. Her stream was allegedly mass reported by Kenneth’s fans forcing her to move her stream to YouTube where she claims she was further harassed by his community.

Kenneth was the subject of controversy earlier this year and received a permanent ban on Twitch which many attributed to his discussion with white nationalist political commentator Nick Fuentes, a controversial figure in his own right. Fuentes has previously been classed as a white nationalist by the Anti-Defamation League and has long been banned on Twitch. Shortly after Kenneth hosted Fuentes on his stream, he was hit with a ban for hateful content.

The situation between Sorrenti and Kenneth has continued to play out on Twitter and “Keffals” has been trending for the last two days. Sorrenti has revealed that an edited version of her stream speaking out against Kenneth will be uploaded and that she will be streaming on YouTube for the next 30 days until her account is restored.

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