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Does the Cat in Stray Find Its Family? Answered

does the cat in Stray find its family? Here's what you need to know

Does the Cat in Stray Find Its Family? Answered

Does the kitty reunite with its furry friends in Stray? Here’s your answer.

The opening sequence of BlueTwelve Studio’s charming new adventure game sees a young tabby separate from its family. It’s a heartwrenching scene, indeed. So, does the cat in Stray find its family? Here’s what you need to know.

Spoiler warning: Obviously we’re about to delve into major spoiler territory here for the ending of Stray. Do not read on if you’re sensitive to finding out what occurs after you have completed the game.

Does the Cat in Stray Find Its Family? Answered

The simple answer is no, the cat never reunites with its family in Stray.

While the game’s premise starts off as seemingly a cat on a quest to reunite with its family, that focus shifts somewhat throughout the story. Not only is our furry feline keen to escape the city itself but also to help B12 and the robots who still dwell inside to leave as well — or, at least to appreciate the world outside exists and (presumably) other communities of robots/humans live outside too.

The very final chapter of Stray sees the cat open up the city by manipulating computers in the control room. This sadly destroys B12, but it is successful in unlocking the city’s roof and removing the seal from the walls. It is essentially left to our imagination that the cat will venture outside and possibly reunite with its family now that it is free to do so.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no alternate ending to be found that reveals anything else with the cat’s family, either. As we’ve noted in our dedicated guide on the subject, there’s no secret ending in Stray that changes this outcome. Also, there are no multiple endings or secret endings for grabbing all of the different collectibles like Notebooks, B12 Memories, Badges, and Music Sheets.

That’s everything there is to know about whether the cat in Stray finds its family. Sorry to disappoint you if it wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. You can find other useful tips and guides on the game by searching Twinfinite or checking out related coverage below.

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