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Deathloop Adds Photo Mode & Increased Accessibility Options in New Update

Deathloop Adds Photo Mode & Increased Accessibility Options in New Update

Deathloop Adds Photo Mode & Increased Accessibility Options in New Update

Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop is certainly a different kind of shooter, tasking players with eliminating various targets by learning about them and ensuring that events line up perfectly for one comprehensive hit job. For such a monumental moment, it would be great if you could capture it all in its full glory, and you can most certainly do that with the latest update for Deathloop, which adds a Photo Mode alongside over 30 accessibiltiy improvements and options.

Players who like taking in-game snapshots will be happy to see the arrival of Photo Mode, which is available in the single-player portion of the game.

“This Photo Mode is such a great way to allow our players to get creative by using the unique art and levels of Deathloop,” Producer Jeremy Leulier shared. “The only creative limitations are defined by our players’ imaginations. We’re very excited at Arkane to see how deep the players will dig into all of the different options and what they will come up with.”

There are filters and angles to choose from, use either Colt or Juliana as your subject, and tweak the outfits, weapons, and poses so you can get the perfect composition.

If that is not your thing, the many accessibility features being added in this new Deathloop update should have more impact on the experience. From menu navigation improvements and interface options to a host of new gameplay options, the update also adds a dedicated Accessibility category, which can be found in the options menu.

“One of the things we didn’t expect when starting on accessibility features was how some of these options can be useful and fun for everyone,” Studio Director Dinga Bakaba explained.

“My favorites are slow-mo, which enables everyone to make otherwise nearly impossible chain of actions, and Reprise count, which allows you to experiment without consequence with the infinite setting. On the contrary, you can use the Reprise count to make the game more challenging by turning Reprises off entirely.”

Be sure to check out the full patch notes for a detailed breakdown of new features. If you need some help overcoming some of the challenges in the game, visit our guide wiki to get all the info you need, such as upgrading weapons or opening mysterious doors.

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