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Viva La Dirt League’s Witcher Parody Trailer Shows off Geralt’s “Keen” Senses & Logic


Viva La Dirt League’s Witcher Parody Trailer Shows off Geralt’s “Keen” Senses & Logic

If you’ve ever played The Witcher series, you know how much Geralt and the other Witchers rely on their powerful senses in order to get their jobs done and survive. Yet, despite possessing a keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight, even the most skilled players can miss something that is right in front of their noses sometimes.

That is exactly what Viva La Dirt League have parodied in their upcoming video, Witcher Logic. You can check out a trailer for the parody right down below.

In the video above, we see Geralt and Dandelion taking bounties and exploring, doing their best to solve the cases they’ve been assigned. Unfortunately, it seems The White Wolf’s radar is on the fritz, as he’s literally tripping over dead bodies and still not able to see them.

The full video for Witcher Logic is set to release next Friday, just like every other video in Viva La Dirt League’s Game Logic series does. If you’re interested in checking out more from the channel, be sure to go over to their Youtube, as you’ll find lots of amazing video game and entertainment-based sketches and parodies. Fans can also subscribe to their Patreon in order to get early access to content and show the creators even more support.

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Featured Image Source: Viva La Dirt League

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