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How to Get Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring (& Stat Requirements)


How to Get Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring (& Stat Requirements)

The Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield is essentially a big jellyfish strapped to your arm, and is incredibly effective at soaking up incoming damage from the various enemies roaming The Lands Between. In this guide, we’ll explain where to get the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring and the stat requirements you’ll need in order to use it.

Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield Location

Fast travel to the ‘Foot of the Four Belfries’ Site of Grace on the left-hand side of Liurnia.

elden ring jellyfish shield location

When you arrive here, look to the north and you should see three red jellyfish in the distance. Make your way over to these and you’ll find a broken cart in the middle of them. Right next to this cart is a body and it’ll have a glowing purple item you can pick up.

where to find jellyfish shield

Pick it up and you’ll get the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring. Keep in mind that the red jellyfish will attack when you get close, so if you’re at a slightly lower level you might want to summon Torrent in and quickly ride through them. That way you can pick it up and escape danger faster.

Jellyfish Shield Stat Requirements & Contagious Fury Skill Explained

Stat Requirements: Strength 20, Dexterity 14

Contagious Fury Skill: Incite the jellyfish’s wrath and allow its fury to flow through you. Raises attack power by 20% for 30 seconds.

The Contagious Fury skill boosts the attack power of both your spells and weapons, which makes it incredibly handy, especially in boss battles where you need a little extra buff.

For more tips and tricks on Elden Ring, be sure to check out our wiki or see more of our coverage below. If you just really love jellyfish, we’ve also got a guide on how to get Spirit Jellyfish Ashes Summon, so a giant one can fight by your side, too!

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