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FFXIV: Alzadaal’s Legacy Dungeon Guide


FFXIV: Alzadaal’s Legacy Dungeon Guide

Alzadaal’s Legacy is the latest dungeon that’s just been added to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of patch 6.1. While it’s not a particularly tough dungeon, there are still a few new mechanics tossed in there that we’ve never seen before. Here’s our FFXIV Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon guide to help you through its three boss fights.

FFXIV Alzadaal’s Legacy Dungeon Guide

There are a total of three bosses in this dungeon, along with trash mobs you’ll have to dispatch of in between. This is also a level 90 dungeon that you have to unlock if you want to regain access to the Expert Roulette via the Duty Finder.


ffxiv alzadaal's legacy
  • Big Wave: Group-wide attack that inflicts Bleeding on all party members.
  • Tentacle Dig: One of Ambujam’s tentacles will burrow underground, and you’ll be able to see where it’s heading by looking at the ripples in the water. Stay away from it as it’ll spawn a large instant circle AoE at its position once it emerges. As the fight goes on, Ambujam will use two tentacles instead of one.
  • Toxic Fountain: Multiple circular AoEs start forming all over the arena. Keep moving to dodge them and move to the ones that spawn last. Wait for the other AoEs to explode, then move out of the danger zone.

Armored Chariot

  • Articulated Bits: Four Bits spawn at each edge of the arena, with dot markers above them. One dot means that they’ll act first, while two dots means they’ll act second. Armored Chariot will also have two purple barriers on its sides. The Bits will fire straight down the middle of the arena from whichever edge they’re in, in the order that the dots indicate. Stay out of their firing zone while also avoiding the Chariot’s barriers, which will spawn large AoEs in front of them. Subsequent casts will not have any dot markers on the Bits, indicating that they’ll all fire at the same time
  • Diffusion Ray: Unavoidable group-wide attack.


ffxiv alzadaal's legacy
  • Billowing Bolts: Unavoidable group-wide attack.
  • Spin Out: The boss sucks in all players to its position at the edge of the arena before spinning everyone out. Players will spin uncontrollably across the arena, which will now have spikes protruding from the ground. Use the WASD keys to steer your character away from the spikes as best as you can.
  • Crewel Slice: Tank-buster attack.
  • Wild Weave: Green and yellow rope pillars will appear around the arena, and Kapikulu will tether to one of them. If it’s yellow, all the yellow pillars will explode with large circle AoEs, and the same goes for green. Move towards a green pillar if it tethers to a yellow, and vice versa.
  • Rotary Gale: Red damage markers appear on all players. Spread out and be careful not to overlap with other players.

And that does it for our FFXIV Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon guide. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game and patch 6.1.

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