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Elden Ring: How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax

Elden Ring How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax

Elden Ring: How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax

There is never a shortage of challenging enemies in the Lands Between, and Elden Ring is definitely not shy about throwing dangerous foes at players to stop their progress. However, there are also many optional bosses that are worth taking on for the challenge and the inevitable rewards. If you are looking to best one of the more dangerous dragons in Elden Ring, here’s our guide on how to beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring.

Meeting Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring

You will meet this boss twice in Elden Ring, and the first encounter will be after the Magma Wyrm boss. Exiting the Ruin-Strewn Precipice elevator, moving ahead of the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace will see Ancient Dragon Lansseax attack. Dealing enough damage and the dragon will beat a hasty retreat.

The next time you will see the boss is in the Altus Plateau proper, and you can find this tough foe just south-west of the Rampartside Path Site of Grace, or east of the Sainted Hero’s Grave. If you start entering an area where it is always raining and lightning strikes multiple times, you are in the right spot.

How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring

As a large enemy with several damaging attacks, there are a few things to keep in mind when fighting Ancient Dragon Lansseax.

Staying on Torrent will give you much-needed mobility, which is essential if you want to dash and avoid the various attacks. Enlisting the help of your Spirit Ashes is also highly recommended, with the best choices being the Mimic Tear, Banished Knight Oleg, Banished Knight Engvall, or Latenna the Albinauric. They will help distract the boss and do some damage, while you go about your business at the same time.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax location elden ring

For melee types, be sure to equip weapons with Thrusting damage, as the boss is resistant to all other weapon damage types, with the Cleanrot Knight’s sword being a good choice. For sorcery users, getting under the boss and utilizing Meteorite or Meteorite of Astel can deal huge damage, and Rock Sling is always a dependable option if you are further away.

Just like most dragons, Ancient Dragon Lansseax is vulnerable at its feet, so concentrate your attacks there. Getting under the dragon also keeps you relatively safe from any sweeps.

Be on the lookout for any swipes or fire-breathing attacks, these can be avoided by riding to the side of the dragon. However, for the more dangerous Glaive attack, there are two situations to remember. If you are far from the dragon, ride away from it to avoid the attack and remember to jump to dodge the follow-up lightning on the ground. If you are nearer, the dragon will leap back and cast the spell, so be sure you are close enough to ride past it before the attack is unleashed.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax elden ring

Keep up the pressure, and together with your spirit allies, you will be able to take down the boss and claim your rewards. Defeating the Ancient Dragon Lansseax will reward you with 63,000 Runes and the Lansseax’s Glaive incantation, which requires 40 Faith to use.

That is all the key information on how to beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax in Elden Ring. Be sure to also check out our guide wiki to learn more important details about the game, including information on all the bosses, completing Ranni’s quests, and understanding New Game Plus. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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