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Elden Ring: How to Backstab

Elden Ring: How to Backstab

Elden Ring: How to Backstab

Take advantage of exposed backs.

With a massive world and dangerous enemies awaiting at every corner in Elden Ring, players will need every advantage they can find in FromSoftware‘s latest title. Aside from approaching things head-on with melee, ranged, or even magical combat, there is oftentimes a more sneaky way of getting things done. If you are hoping to become a master of stealth, then our guide on how to backstab in Elden Ring will have your foes quivering in fear.

This has essentially become a norm in FromSoftware games, but the difficulty often lies in getting into the right position to do it.

Backstabbing in Elden Ring

To pull off a backstab, all you need to do is press R1/RB when you’re facing an enemy’s back.

Backstab your enemies in Elden Ring

This will allow your character to backstab them in a bloody mess, but depending on your level and prowess, that may not be enough to kill them outright, so always be ready.

Not all enemies are susceptible to a backstab as well, but the humanoid enemies are always going to be vulnerable.

Also, be sure to check the surroundings for potential threats as well, otherwise you might get attacked from one enemy while backstabbing another.

Armed with the knowledge of how to backstab in Elden Ring, you are more likely to survive your adventure in The Lands Between. Remember to check out our guide wiki for even more tips and tricks as well, including how to fast travel, healing and increasing your max health, and learning to dodge properly.

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