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Journey Celebrates 10 Years With Discounts & New Vinyl Album

Journey Celebrates 10 Years With Discounts & New Vinyl Album

Journey Celebrates 10 Years With Discounts & New Vinyl Album

Celebrating the journey of one of gaming’s classics.

In the long history of gaming, there have been several games that can truly claim to be transformative for the industry. One of those is Journey, the critically acclaimed adventure title by thatgamecompany, which achieved great success since its original release back on March 13, 2012. Now, Journey will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with some exciting surprises.

For those that have not played the game before, Journey is now on sale for 50% off on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. It is also available on iOS for $1.99 until March 17.

On the music front, the full Journey soundtrack is getting a 50% discount as well on both iTunes and Amazon MP3 from March 13 to 19. If you are looking for something even more precious, iam8bit will be repressing the Journey soundtrack on 180-gram audiophile black vinyl, which is considered to be the purest quality pressing possible.

The Journey vinyl album available on iam8bit for the game's 10th anniversary.

As the very first videogame album nominated for a Grammy, and featuring gorgeous updated cover and inner art from Mark Englert, it will be a pleasure to enjoy composer Austin Wintory’s work in the best way possible. Pre-orders are now live, and orders will ship in 2023.

“Upon releasing Journey ten years ago, we wanted to approach social interaction in games differently and show the world that games can create a genuine emotional connection between players,” said Jenova Chen, game director on Journey and co-founder of thatgamecompany.

“We are thrilled that the game has resonated so strongly with millions of players around the world, is referenced by a new generation of game developers, exhibited in museums like MoMA, Smithsonian and V&A, and made an impact on how people saw games. It means so much to us that our child blossomed and was able to create positive change for the industry we love.”

You can catch the 10-year anniversary trailer below:

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