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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get Injector for ‘Shutdown’ Objectives

rainbow six extraction how get foam injector

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get Injector for ‘Shutdown’ Objectives

Each Incursion you jump into in Rainbow Six Extraction will give you three objectives to complete, one in each sub-zone. One of these could be a ‘Shutdown’ objective that requires you to pick up and get a Foam Injector and take it to the Nutrient Node. Doing this will prevent the nests in the sub-zone from respawning by clogging up the root network that the nests use. The issue lies in trying to find the Foam Injector in Rainbow Six Extraction, as it’s not always clear where you’re supposed to find it.

The good news is that when you do know where to get it from, you’ll know where to find it every time as it’s always found in the same spot regardless of the map or Threat Level you’re playing on.

Getting the Injector for ‘Shutdown’ Objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction

  1. Look for the helicopter/ chopper icon on your HUD. This will take you to the Exfil point.

  2. Walk to the side of the pod that you place MIA Operators and rescued VIPs in, and you’ll see a container with a yellow glow around it.

    Walk over to this and press and hold X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation or E on PC to pickup the foam injector device.

    Rainbow Six Extraction Foam Injector for Shutdown Objective

  3. Now that you’ve got the Injector, make your way to the yellow objective marker on your HUD to find the Nutrient Node.

    The objective marker will have a lightning symbol in the middle of the yellow diamond.

  4. Once you find the Nutrient Node, look for the open hole at the foot of the structure.

    Press and hold X/ Square/ E again to place and use the injector to destroy the Nutrient Node.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the Injector for Shutdown objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction. Head on over to our wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out the links for more coverage on the game.

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