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God of War: How to Melee

god of war melee

God of War: How to Melee

This post was originally authored by Jesse Vitelli

How to Melee in God of War

God of War has finally arrived on console and PC. It still contains the staples such as large monsters, compelling narrative, and most importantly, brutal combat. Kratos will smash his opponents to pieces with his bare hands even. So how exactly do pull off a melee attack in God of War. Let us talk you through it.

To melee enemies, you must simply sheathe your weapon with left or right on the d-pad on PlayStation, or the number keys on PC, which will allow Kratos to use his bare fists to beat down his foes. You can punch with the R1 and R2 buttons or left cick and right click, but don’t be fooled, Kratos is just as deadly with his bare fists as he is with any other weapon he can use. It’s also just extremely satisfying to dismantle an enemy by punching them to death.

The God of War series prides itself on engaging and absolute chaotic combat, and while this entry changes things up quite a bit, it still keeps its roots. Switching between the axe and Kratos’ bare fists is both fluid and fun, so be sure to switch between them to give combat a new feel.

That’s all you need to know to pull off melee attacks in God of War on PS4. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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