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God of War: How to Open Ice Locked Doors

god of war ice door

God of War: How to Open Ice Locked Doors

How to Open Ice Locked Doors in God of War

Do be warned that we’ll be talking about some minor progression spoilers regarding exploration areas in God of War. If you don’t want to know how to navigate the Ice Locked Doors or what they are, turn back now.

While you’re off exploring Midgard in God of War, you might come across a few mysterious doors that are sealed off by a panel of ice, with no discernible way for you to open them. Don’t worry too much about these, though. By simply playing through God of War normally and completing the story missions, you will eventually be presented with a tool that allows you to bypass these ice locked doors.

As you play through the main story of God of War, you’ll eventually be tasked with obtaining an item called the Magic Chisel. This item can be acquired simply by following the game’s objectives, and you’ll have to complete a boss fight in order to receive it. Once it’s in your possession, you’ll have the ability to open those ice locked doors. Now, simply head up to any of the ice locked doors and press Circle on PlayStation or E on PC to play a little mini game to open it.

With the left stick or mouse, use it to rotate around the ice panel to look for weak spots. The chisel itself will glow brighter, and the controller will vibrate a little more strongly than usual to let you know that you’ve identified a weak spot. You can then press the R2 button or right click to strike it. There are usually two or three weak spots to hit before you can open the door. Do note that you need to hit all the spots quickly or the ice will cool off, forcing you to hit them again.

For more tips, tricks, and information on God of War, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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