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God of War: How to Dodge and Evade

god of war dodge evade

God of War: How to Dodge and Evade

Flee, Kratos! Flee!

How to Dodge and Evade in God of War

As usual, Kratos makes more than a few enemies in the newest entry in the God of War franchise, and they are keen to do him some serious harm. Learning how to block is crucial to protecting yourself, but sometimes even the mighty Kratos needs to get out of the way if he hopes to avoid a swift and painful death. Here’s what you need to know to dodge and evade incoming attacks in God of War.

In order to dodge, double tap on the X button on PlayStation or press the spacebar on PC. This will allow Kratos to quickly evade enemy blows, and proves especially useful when faced against the fiercest attacks that would otherwise pierce his defenses. It also allows him to more effectively traverse hazardous areas unscathed, and learning when to use it correctly will go a long way towards becoming an effective battler and adventurer.

On that note, the keenest scrappers and explorers know that the best tips and tricks can be found over at our God of War wiki. Covering everything from the basics up to the more complex matters, it’s a must-have when duking it out with the fiercest horrors that Norse mythology throws at you. No need to dodge this one – it’ll prove to be your best ally out there!

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