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Destiny 2: Best Hand Cannons for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2022)


Destiny 2: Best Hand Cannons for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2022)

There’s truly no shortage of great hand cannons in Destiny 2. It’s arguably the most popular and most reliable archetype in all of Destiny 2 and is useful across all game modes; at least as of Beyond Light. In any event, we’re going to go over the best hand cannons in Destiny 2 for 2022.

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Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 2022

Best for PvE & Gambit

  • Ace of Spades (Kinetic, Exotic) – Purchased from the exotic kiosk.
  • Ancient Gospel (Energy, Solar) – Possible drop from completing encounters in the raid, Garden of Salvation.
  • Crimson (Kinetic, Exotic) – Rare exotic world drop.
  • Eriana’s Vow (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Obtained as a season pass reward for Season of the Undying.
  • Loud Lullaby (Kinetic) – Possible reward from completing Moon activities and Altars of Sorrow.
  • Lumina (Kinetic, Exotic) – Purchased from the exotic kiosk.
  • Malfeasance (Kinetic, Exotic) – Obtained via an exotic quest.
  • Nation of Beasts (Energy, Arc) – Possible drop from completing encounters in the raid, Last Wish.
  • Posterity (Energy, Arc) – Possible drop from completing encounters in the raid, Deep Stone Crypt.
  • Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (Kinetic) – Random world drop.
  • Sunshot (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Possible reward choice from Red War campaign, random rare exotic world drop otherwise.
  • The Palindrome (Energy, Void) – Possible drop from completing Nightfall: The Ordeal.
  • Thorn (Kinetic, Exotic) – Purchased from the exotic kiosk.

While a lot of great hand cannons were sunset when Beyond Light dropped there was fortunately already a massive list of viable hand cannons in Destiny 2 so there’s still plenty of choose from.

If you’re a Hunter, the Lucky Pants buff has really changed the game. Hand Cannons like Malfeasance and Crimson are just absolutely shredding and have vaulted those two in particular to the top of the list if you’re a hunter wearing those exotics.

Eyesluna was added via the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and is an incredible weapon that can roll with great perks not only in PvE, but also PvP. On top of that, it’s a stasis weapon, so you can mix it into Stasis-based PvE builds as well.

Most of the exotic weapons are great in their own ways for just about everything in Destiny 2 other than boss damage. Sunshot and Ace of Spades are great for working through adds. Thorn and Crimson can help you wade through tougher enemies, and Eriana’s Vow has the unique niche of being able to pierce through champion barriers making it a popular Nightfall pick.

More niche, but still worth mentioning is Lumina in case you’re in a really under-leveled situation and want to play it extremely cautiously. Just try and grind out that catalyst at least if you’re going to rock Lumina, it makes a big difference.

On the legendary end of things, Posterity from the new raid Deep Stone Crypt is worth mentioning as well. This is because it can roll with Reconstruction, a unique raid perk that allows the magazine to not only autoload over time, but increase the maximum magazine size to double the base.

This means that with perks and mods you can get Posterity’s magazine size to a massive 34 shots! So while 180 RPMs are not the most powerful hand cannons around, Posterity will make up for it somewhat by being able to shoot forever before you need to reload.

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