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Halo Infinite Quality vs Performance: Which Graphics Setting You Should Choose & How to Change

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Halo Infinite Quality vs Performance: Which Graphics Setting You Should Choose & How to Change

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has pulled off a surprise launch, Beyonce style, ahead of the campaign’s December release date and announced a slew of other entertainment-related surprises. If you’re here, you’ve already started up the game, have moved in, and are starting to make yourself comfortable in what will be the premiere Halo experience of this gen. However, you might be wondering how to tweak your visual settings. In particular, making the choice between which graphics setting you should choose. In this guide, we’ll go over the choice of whether you should go with quality vs. performance modes in Halo Infinite and what the difference is.

How to Change Quality vs Performance Mode in Halo Infinite

First, let’s go over how to actually change the graphic setting in Halo Infinite. First, start the game and then head right on over to the settings. Tab on over to Visual and you’ll see there your Graphics Quality setting and two options: Quality or Visual.

If the option is greyed out, then congratulations! You don’t have to choose because you’re playing on an Xbox Series X with a TV that supports 4K/60FPS gameplay so just enjoy playing Halo Infinite at the highest possible level that your console allows.

All Graphical & Performance Changes in Quality vs Performance

On Xbox Series S, if you choose quality, you’ll still play at 30 FPS at least, but you’ll get 1080p visuals. If you opt for Performance, you’ll play at a crisp 60 FPS and will still play in 1080p.

With this in mind, we’d recommend playing in Performance mode on Xbox Series S. The graphical trade-offs for the boosting of the framerate are well worth it.

On Xbox Series X, Quality mode provides a variable resolution of 1440p-2160p and targets 60 FPS. Performance mode targets 120 FPS, though doesn’t keep it locked throughout the entire experience. Still, it’s a noticeable-enough bump and the trade-off in visuals isn’t anything too major.

Which Should You Choose?

As for which is better and which you should choose, well, it comes down to personal preference. The personal preference of this particular is that you go for performance on Xbox Series S. While, sure, Halo Infinite does look pretty in 4K, it still looks pretty in 1080p. The jump from 30 FPS to 60 FPS is far more noticeable and impacts your gameplay in a more significant way.

Over on Xbox Series X, it’s very much down to your own personal preference again. We’d recommend at least trying out Performance to see whether you can notice the graphical downgrade for the extra frames. If you can’t, this will offer the smoothest experience on console and might be worth sticking with.

That’s all you need to know for how to change your graphic setting and which to choose between performance and quality in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this cleared everything up. For more on Halo Infinite, check out our guide wiki, which is filled with lots of FAQs answers, and tips and tricks, too. And as always, if anything is missing or you’re confused about something, let us know in the comments below.

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