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FFXIV Endwalker: Tower of Zot Dungeon Guide

endwalker tower of zot

FFXIV Endwalker: Tower of Zot Dungeon Guide

Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest expansion, titled Endwalker, is finally out on PC and PlayStation. This expansion sees the Scions of the Seventh Dawn heading to Old Sharlayan and other new areas like Thavnair and Radz-at-Han. There are, of course, plenty of new dungeons and raids to get into as well, and you can expect them to be tougher than any other challenges you’ve encountered before. Here’s a guide to help you get through the Tower of Zot dungeon in FFXIV Endwalker.

FFXIV Endwalker Tower of Zot Dungeon Guide

How to Unlock Tower of Zot

First off, you can unlock the Tower of Zot dungeon simply by playing through the main story. Once you hit level 81 and reach the quest titled In the Dark of the Tower, you’ll be tasked with heading in to try to free the researchers in Thavnair.

There are three boss encounters in the game, and we’ve detailed their moves down below.


  • Manusya Bio: Tankbuster that also applies a DoT debuff on the tank.
  • Manusya Blizzard III: 12 cone AoEs appear in the arena, avoid as necessary.
  • Manusya Fire III: Large circle AoE that’s easily avoided by standing in the boss’s hitbox.
  • Manusya Thunder III: 4 circle AoEs spread out across the arena from the boss’s hitbox, avoid as necessary and wait for them to pass you before attacking.
  • Manusya Bio III: Large AoE that covers the arena in front of the boss. Stand behind her to avoid it.


  • Isitva Siddhi: Tankbuster.
  • Prapti Siddhi: Line AoE attack that targets each player, avoid as necessary.
  • Manusya Berserk: 5 dark orbs appear around the arena. Move away from them.
  • Prakamya Siddhi: AoEs pop up around the arena, avoid as necessary.
  • Manusya Stop: Targets each player one by one. Spread out to avoid stacking damage, and heal through as necessary.
  • Manusya Confuse: The boss creates clones of herself around the arena. The real boss is the one that’s not using an emote, so head into her hitbox immediately to avoid damage.

The Magus Sisters

The final boss encounter in Tower of Zot only starts with Cinduruva, but she’ll soon be joined by her other two sisters to make things a little more challenging. By and large, however, their attack patterns are all pretty predictable and easy to avoid, so just focus on taking down one sister at a time. Most of our dungeon groups so far have focused on Cindy first, then Mindy and Sandy.

  • Samsara: Group-wide damage, heal through as necessary.
  • Delta Attack: There are three different variants of this move, as detailed below:
    • Blizzard III (“Glacial ice, entomb our foes!”): Line AoEs pop up around the arena and you’ll need to move around to avoid them as they come up. There will also be proximity markers dropping around the edges of the arena, so move away to avoid damage.
    • Thunder III (“Thunderous tempest, smite our foes!”): Each sister has a cross AoE under them and will hit anyone in the line of fire.
    • Fire III (“Insatiable flame, consume our foes!”): Several donut AoEs pop up around the arena, along with a bunch of line AoEs. Stand in the middle of a donut while avoiding the lines. Some players may also get marked with AoEs, so spread out to avoid damage.

That’s all you need to know about how to get through the Tower of Zot dungeon in FFXIV Endwalker. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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