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FFXIV Endwalker: How to Get & Use the Aether Compass

endwalker aether compass

FFXIV Endwalker: How to Get & Use the Aether Compass

The Endwalker early access launch for Final Fantasy XIV has just started, which means that players who pre-ordered the game and redeemed their codes on the Mog Station will be able to start playing now. This expansion takes players to Sharlayan, as the Scions search for a solution to put a stop to the Final Days. Here’s how to get and use the Aether Compass.

Getting the Aether Compass in FFXIV Endwalker

If you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for the past few years, you’re probably already well-acquainted with the Aether Compass item. Most players usually put this on their hotbar and click on it in new areas to look for Aether Currents; once you interact with all the Currents, you’ll unlock the ability to fly in that area.

However, the Aether Compass in your Key Items menu is now canceled out. This is because it’s been moved to the Collection menu instead. To access it, click on the Duty button on your screen, then select the option that says Collection.

In here, you should see all your important key items including the Aether Compass itself. You can then drag it back to your hotbar and start hunting down Aether Currents.

How to Use It

As mentioned previously, the Compass pretty much works the exact same way once you’ve located it. When you click on it, a pop-up on your screen will let you know where the nearest Aether Current is in terms of direction and your distance from it.

Start heading in the direction that the Compass indicates, and keep clicking on it along the way to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. Once you find the Current, interact with it by right-clicking on it, and you’re all set.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use the Aether Compass in FFXIV Endwalker. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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