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Far Cry 6 Mission List: All Main Missions & Yaran Stories in the Game

far cry 6 missions list

Far Cry 6 Mission List: All Main Missions & Yaran Stories in the Game

In this Far Cry 6 mission list, we’ll run you through the complete set of 56 main missions in the game. The majority of these are found across the three main regions of Yara, but also includes the prologue mission and those on the Isla Santuario island at the very beginning of the game.

All Main Missions in Far Cry 6

We’ve broken down the main missions by the region they can be found in. Keep in mind that after you’ve left Isla Santuario, you can take on each of the regions of Yara in any order you like, so the order below may vary to the one you take.


  1. La Noche De La Muerte

Isla Santuario

  1. The Lucky One
  2. Juan of a Kind
  3. Du or Die
  4. Fire and Fury
  5. Fuel the Revolution
  6. Libertad Rises
  7. The Guerrilla


  1. Meet the Monteros
  2. Napoleon El Pequeno
  3. Blood Ties
  4. Clear the Air
  5. Second Son
  6. Packing Heat
  7. Sundown
  8. Bury the Hatchet
  9. Death Warrant
  10. Open Skies
  11. Diesel Daisy
  12. Fly Ball
  13. Justicia Montero

Valle de Oro – All Far Cry 6 Missions

  1. Meet Mazimas Matanzas
  2. Balance the Books
  3. Precious Cargo
  4. Break the Chains
  5. Re-Education
  6. Hype Bomb
  7. Radio Libertad
  8. Guerrilla Radio
  9. Firebrand
  10. Bottle Episode
  11. Words Like Bullets
  12. Lost & Found
  13. Intervention
  14. Surgical Extraction
  15. Angel De La Muerte

El Este

  1. Meet the Legends
  2. Take Your Medicine
  3. Pics or it Didn’t Happen
  4. The New Revolution
  5. Bullet Points
  6. Knuckleball
  7. National Treasure
  8. Room Service
  9. Harpoon
  10. Our Right to Party
  11. Lion’s Road
  12. Tourist Trap
  13. Weapon of Choice
  14. Surgical Strike
  15. The Deported

Esperanza & Isla Del Leon

  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Dead Drop
  3. Against the Wall
  4. The Lion’s Den
  5. The Battle of Esperanza

All Yaran Story Missions in Far Cry 6

Yaran Stories are marked on your map with a purple compass icon, and have you interacting with the different citizens of Yara. These are some of the more interesting and unusual missions you’ll get in Far Cry 6, and are well worth completing.

There are 29 Yaran Story missions in the game. These are as follows:

  1. Triada Blessings
  2. Supremacy
  3. Who’s a Good Boy?
  4. Fetch Quest
  5. Spur of the Moment
  6. Over Easy
  7. Backseat Driver
  8. Stealing Thunder
  9. Heavy Metal
  10. Model Citizen
  11. Boom or Bust
  12. Wing and a Prayer
  13. Tanks for the Likes
  14. Stealing Home
  15. Shock Therapy
  16. Big Papi in Little Yara
  17. The First Love
  18. The Seeds of Love
  19. Man’s Best Enemy
  20. Pecking Orders
  21. Wingman
  22. Everything to Lose
  23. Nothing to Hide
  24. Undercover Stud
  25. Tricks of the Trade
  26. Loose Ends
  27. Turn the Party
  28. We’re (Un)Jammin’
  29. Paint the Town

There you have a complete Far Cry 6 mission list, running you through all main story missions and the Yaran Story side missions. For more tips and tricks on the game, head over to our Far Cry 6 wiki or see more of our coverage below.

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