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Far Cry 6: How to Get Industrial Circuits


Far Cry 6: How to Get Industrial Circuits

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits are one of the game’s many crafting materials that you’ll need to buy different upgrades and enhancements for your arsenal of weapons. Specifically, they’re used for crafting upgrades for your Supremos and Resolver weapons. With these being some of the best weapons in the game, you’ll likely be wondering how to get Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6, and this guide will tell you exactly what you’ll need to do to get a nice supply of them for all your upgrading needs.

Getting Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6

Industrial Circuits can be obtained in Far Cry 6 from any of the following methods:

  • Trading with Lola
  • Trading Animal Meat for Industrial Circuits
  • Open Guerrilla Caches
  • Execute Ambushes

Trade with Lola

Industrial Circuits can be purchased from Lola, the Black Market merchant in your Guerilla camps. You’ll need to buy these with Moneda, which is a currency earned by completing the Special Operations, Far Cry 6’s co-op missions.

Once you’ve got some Moneda, speak to Lola and then navigate over to the ‘Black Market’ tab.

how to get industrial circuits far cry 6

Here, you’ll find the option to purchase Industrial Circuits for 150 Moneda.

Trading Animal Meat for Industrial Circuits

It’s also possible to get Industrial Circuits by trading in particular animal meats at any vendor (or your workbench) in the game.

However, only types of animal meat can be traded for these high-tech chips. Specifically, you’ll need the following animal meats to trade for Industrial Circuits:

  • Alpha Coyotes
  • Alpha Crocodiles
  • Alpha Jaguars

Keep in mind that in order to get the meat from these, you’ll either need to use a Bow, or get a headshot if you hunt them using a gun.

If you kill them with body shots from a gun, you’ll only get Damaged Animal Meat, and that’s no good for anything.

You can check the locations of these animals on your map, and can purchase their locations from the Hunter’s Lodge building that can be bought at your Guerrilla Camp. We’ve included the locations of some of these animals on the map screenshots below:

far cry 6 industrial circuits
far cry 6 industrial circuits

Once you’ve got the meat, head to your workbench or a vendor and select the ‘Trade Materials’ option. You should now see the animal meats you’ve collected under a heading for ‘Trade in for Industrial Circuits.’

Complete Ambushes in Certain Areas of Yara

For this one, you’ll need to open your map and look out for the highest-leveled areas in each region of Yara. Head to these and complete Ambushes. Doing so will earn you Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6, and you can check which ones award it by hovering over the Ambush icon on your map, which will reveal the reward.

The areas you want to go to are:

  • El Este: La Joya
  • Esperanza: Esperanza
  • Madrugada: Aguas Lindas
  • Valle de Oro: Barrial

Open Blue Guerrilla Cache Boxes to Get Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits

The Hideout Network upgrade you can get at your camp will reveal the locations of Guerilla Caches across Yara, but don’t leave it at its basic version. Upgrade it to the ‘Perfected Hideout Network’ and you’ll now have a Guerrilla Cache at every Hideout with more valuable resources inside.

Every Guerrilla Cache restocks after 24 hours of real time, so once you’ve found a bunch that are close together that award Industrial Circuits, keep grinding them out. Alternatively, just fast travel to each Hideout and open the cache before moving on.

After reaching level 7, you’ll have a good chance of getting 1-2 Industrial Circuits from each, so just keep opening those boxes.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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