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CoD Vanguard: How to Beat Steiner Boss Fight

CoD Vanguard Steiner

CoD Vanguard: How to Beat Steiner Boss Fight

The Steiner boss fight in the Lady Nightingale mission of CoD Vanguard is one of the most intense sections of the entire campaign. Trapped in a small, dark room, the Nazi will stalk the room hunting you down. If he catches you, it’s game over, and running up to him to knife him simply won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll have to be a little sneakier. Here’s how to defeat the Steiner boss fight in COD Vanguard.

Beating Steiner in CoD Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Steiner

To beat Steiner, simply creep up behind him when he’s in the room by crouching up behind him and then press R3 (right stick in) to perform a takedown and stab him.

Doing this the first time will cause him to briefly disappear and some music will begin playing. Head to the end of the room with all the manikins in and find a gramophone playing music. Press Square/ X on this to turn it off.

As soon as you do, Steiner will shoot you in the back and begin chasing you again. Use the little crawl spaces around this room to quickly break his line of sight with you, but don’t stay under them for too long, as he’ll look underneath and shoot at you. Keep moving until he loses you, and then creep up behind him and stab him again.

You’ll now need to do this for a third time to ‘beat’ Steiner in CoD Vanguard. We found hiding in corners and then using crawl spaces to escape when he came by particularly effective, as was running from one end of the room to another. By doing this, you can drag him one direction, crawl away and behind him and then stab him in the back. Do this for a third time to finish the boss fight.

Finishing Off Steiner

After stabbing him three times, Steiner will stagger off out of the room and outside onto the roof. Follow the trail of blood through a small gap in the wall and then up onto the roof.

When you reach him, you’ll watch a quick cutscene before Petrova kicks him off the roof, sending him to a rather cold and hard demise.

That’s everything you need to know on how to defeat Steiner in CoD Vanguard. For more tips, tricks and guides, search for Twinfinite or see more of our coverage on the game by clicking the links below.

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