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CoD Vanguard: How to Level Up & Prestige Fast & Easy

cod vanguard level up

CoD Vanguard: How to Level Up & Prestige Fast & Easy

There are a ton of different leveling systems at work in CoD Vanguard. Alongside the standard Player XP, you’ll also earn Weapon XP and Operator XP. The former unlocks attachments for your weapons while the latter unlocks cosmetics for the Operator you have selected. While these are both great, if you’re looking to earn some bragging rights over your mates, you’re going to want to focus on grinding out Player XP to level up fast in CoD Vanguard’s multiplayer, and we’ve got some handy tips to help you do exactly that.

Leveling Up Fast in CoD Vanguard

Use Double XP Tokens

Cod vanguard level up fast

This may sound a little obvious, but it’s always worth checking if you’ve got Double XP tokens you can use when you’re settling down for a lengthy session. Double XP makes a massive difference — twice the XP, funnily enough — but it runs on real time, not just time spent in matches. That’s why we’d recommend only using them when you know you’re going to be playing for at least the duration of the Double XP token you’re looking to redeem.

It’s also worth only using them when you’re really on your A-game. The better your performance, the more base XP, which in turn means more XP to be doubled.

You can activate any Double XP tokens you have by pressing L3 on the multiplayer menu.

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