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Riders Republic Crossplay Explained: How to Play with Friends on Xbox, PC and PlayStation


Riders Republic Crossplay Explained: How to Play with Friends on Xbox, PC and PlayStation

If you’re looking to hit the ‘steezy’ slopes of Riders Republic with your friends, then you’ll be delighted to know that it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on an Xbox and they’re playing on a PlayStation, because you’re all going to be able to shred the gnar and hit the pow and all those other strange things the game says together! In this Riders Republic crossplay guide, we’ll explain how to play with your friends on Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna, and also explain how to disable crossplay if it’s just not for you.

How Riders Republic Crossplay Works

By default, crossplay is enabled in Riders Republic, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on within the settings. You’ll be able to tell what platform those you’re racing against or come across in the world are playing on by the icon next to their name. The Xbox, PlayStation and Ubisoft logos indicate they’re playing on Xbox, PlayStation or PC (and streaming platforms such as Google Stadia) respectively.

riders republic crossplay

Inviting & Playing with Friends from Other Platforms

To play with friends over Riders Republic Crossplay, you’ll need to add each other as friends on Ubisoft Connect. To do this, head to Ubisoft Connect and then select the ‘Friends and Groups’ icon in the top right-hand corner, next to your avatar. Select ‘Add Friends’ and then search for their Ubisoft Connect name. Click the option to add as a friend and have them accept your request.

Now load into Riders Republic, press the touchpad/ view button to open the menu, and then select ‘Manage My Group.’

From here, select one of the empty slots in your group, press X/A, select the player you want to invite from your friend’s list and then select the ‘Invite’ option.

Disabling Crossplay

To turn Riders Republic crossplay off, simply press the Options button on PS4/ PS5, Menu button on Xbox consoles and Esc on PC, and navigate to the ‘Options’ menu.

In here, under the ‘Gameplay’ tab, you’ll find ‘Crossplay’ located underneath the ‘Opponents’ section. Simply flick this to ‘Off’ to disable crossplay in Riders Republic.

how to turn crossplay off

You can enable it again at any time by navigating to the same menu, so you’re never locked out of it forever one way or another.

That’s everything you need to know on Riders Republic crossplay. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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