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Mario Party Superstars: How to Get & Use Items

mario party superstars items

Mario Party Superstars: How to Get & Use Items

Everyone who plays Mario Party always obsesses over the boards, characters, minigames, and just about everything else besides the items. Yet, the timely use of a Chop Call or Super Warp Block can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get and use items in Mario Party Superstars.

How to Get & Use Items in Mario Party Superstars

There are multiple ways to get items in Mario Party Superstars. No way is necessarily better than others, but some let you get items for free.

Item Space

This is one of those ways that you can get items for free. When you land on an Item Space (a green space with a mushroom on it), an item minigame will start up. There’s a chance you won’t get an item if you fail the game, but it’s much easier to get something rather than nothing.

Lucky Space

If you land on a Lucky Space (blue space with a white four-leaf clover), then you’ll get the chance to earn an item or some coins. Like a roulette, a yellow cursor scrolls through the possible items or coin values you could win. Press A to make it come to a stop. It won’t stop instantly, so time your button press accordingly.

Toad Shop

Every map in Mario Party Superstars has Toad shops where you can purchase items. Many boards will have them very close to the start so you can reach one within your first roll. Early on in the game, Toad will have inexpensive items that don’t completely blow the game wide open like the Double Dice, Warp Block, and Skeleton Key. But later into the game, more expensive items like the Gold Pipe may appear.

Event Space

Sometimes landing on an Event space will give you a free item. It depends upon the events that happen on the particular map you’re playing. But you’ll never get anything especially spectacular like you can find at Toad’s Shop.

Using Items

Once you have an item in your inventory, then you’ll be able to use it at the beginning of a turn. Before rolling a dice block, go to the menu option titled Items. From there you’ll be able to choose which item to use. Keep in mind that you can only use one item per turn and that it can only be used before you roll that turn.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to get and use items in Mario Party Superstars:

  1. Item Space

    Landing on this space puts you into a single-player minigame where you can earn an item.

  2. Lucky Space

    Spin the roulette, press A to stop it.

  3. Toad Shop

    You can buy items here.

  4. Event Space

    The least common way of obtaining items.

  5. Use Items

    Before rolling the dice block, select items, then choose the item you would like to use.

That’s all there is to know about how to get and use items in Mario Party Superstars. If you want to read more about this game, then check out our review right here.

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