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Far Cry 5 vs Far Cry 6: Which Ubisoft Game Is Better?


Far Cry 5 vs Far Cry 6: Which Ubisoft Game Is Better?

Ubisoft’s explosive open world FPS series, Far Cry, has always been there to offer us a sprawling sandbox for players to kill enemies, take over bases, and satiate our thirst for eccentric violence for years now. Each entry in the series pits us against another antagonist in another sprawling world, with another cast of crazy characters to help out along the way. With the release of Far Cry 6 just this month, we’re taking a look at how it fares against its immediate predecessor, Far Cry 5. So, without further ado, let’s dive right on in.

Story – Far Cry 6

Far Cry 5 vs Far Cry 6

far cry 5 vs far cry 6

When it comes to Far Cry games, many argue that the series has lost a sense of urgency in its narratives since its peak with Far Cry 3 and iconic antagonist Vaas.

With Far Cry 5, the player had to battle their way through Joseph Seed and his disciples to put an end to the creepy cult and escape Hope County alive. While it certainly provided some purpose for all of the explosive action, it never felt like you were in all that much danger, save a few exceptional moments. The story was there, but we weren’t wholly engaged in it.

In Far Cry 6, the ante is upped a little as you play a guerrilla fighter trying to topple the corrupt Castillo regime that’s had the country of Yara in a vice-like grip for years. As you visit each region of Yara, you’re tasked with uniting the various resistance movements together to improve your chances of taking down Anton Castillo once and for all.

Alongside the narrative of the uprising, we also get to see the interesting dynamic between Anton and his son Diego — a teenager clearly torn between making his father proud and following in his footsteps, and his moral compass that tells him what his father is doing is wrong. It adds a more personal tone to the story and, in our opinion, makes for a slightly stronger over the narrative of Far Cry 5.

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