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Destiny 2 Jurassic Green: How to Get & God Roll

Jurassic green farm god roll

Destiny 2 Jurassic Green: How to Get & God Roll

It’s Halloween once again in the Destiny 2 universe. The Tower is all dressed up in spooky decorations, and our favorite grandma Eva Levante is back in the tower to guide us through another event. If you’re here, though, you’re probably already starting to get your candy and masks, but you’re wondering how to farm the event’s new exclusive weapon, Jurassic Green, a formidable rapid-fire Pulse Rifle. In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Jurassic Green and how to farm for its god roll.

How to Get Jurassic Green – Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021

Getting your hands on at least one Jurassic Green is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is complete the introductory Festival of the Lost 2021 quest from Eva Levante. It only asks you to do a single core activity, such as Crucible or Gambit, then do a single Haunted Lost Sector. After that, return to Eva Levante and you’ll get your shiny new pulse rifle.

To farm Jurassic Green, though, you’ll need to continue to participate in Haunted Sectors, you can check out our guide for farming Spectral Pages for more information on how to improve your rewards. But the gist of it is, get into a routine of farming quick activities, getting Manifested Spectral Pages via the Haunte Sectors, and turning them in by Eva Levante. When you complete the Haunted Sector, you’ll hopefully have your hands at another Jurassic Green with new perk rolls.

You also get three free rolls from Mara Sov if you obtained the Ascendant Lens last year and give it to her.

If you’re reading this and the Festival of the Lost 2021 is over, you’ll likely need to wait until next year’s event. Sorry!

Jurassic Green God Roll

As far as a god roll for Jurassic Green, well, that as usual comes down to a couple of factors. First, what are you using it for? And two, your own personal preferences. Jurassic Green is a rapid-frame Pulse Rifle sitting in the energy slot with solar damage.

In PvP, you really want to crank up your Range stat as much as possible as that’s going to help you stay consistent at longer and safer ranges without sacrificing as much power and accuracy. So for the first two columns, anything that pumps up your range stat should be helpful there. In the last two columns, I would recommend pairing Rangefinder with something like Wellspring to help out your neutral game.

For PvE, you can be a bit more creative. Range isn’t as crucial in PvE modes, so you can probably drop Rangefinder for something like Subsistence, Killing Wind, or Heating up and Multikill Clip or Dragonfly in the second slot. Personally, I would probably opt for Subsistence and Multikill Clip. Subsistence helps ensure you cap out on kills in a single magazine, so you can reload for a nice boost in damage.

That’s all you need to know for how to get Jurassic Green and what its potential god roll is. For more Destiny 2, check out more of our recent content below.

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