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Back 4 Blood: How to Find the Secret in ‘The Devil’s Return’ (Port Man Toe? Achievement/ Trophy)


Back 4 Blood: How to Find the Secret in ‘The Devil’s Return’ (Port Man Toe? Achievement/ Trophy)

If you’re looking to get every achievement and trophy in Back 4 Blood, then you’re going to need to seek out the various secrets hiding in a number of the campaign’s levels. The first of these secrets appears in the ‘The Devil’s Return‘ level where you need to make your way across a ruined bridge, ascend a boat and then plant explosive charges on it to cut off the swarm of Ridden chasing you down. Here’s how to get the ‘Port Man Toe?’ trophy and achievement in Back 4 Blood.

How to Find the Secret in ‘The Devil’s Return’ in Back 4 Blood – Port Man Toe? Achievement/ Trophy Guide

This secret can be found as you’re making your way across the broken bridge after blowing up the red propane tank towards the beginning of the mission.

As you’re crossing the bridge, stick to the right-hand side, and look out for a road sign for ‘Kanowa River.’ This comes shortly after the first big drop down you’ll make, and is just after the red longboat-looking thing in the water just to your right.

back 4 blood port man toe achievement guide

Just after this sign, you’ll come across a truck that’s close to the edge. Walk over to this and look down to find another red shipping boat that you can drop down into.

The Devil's return secret location

Make your way right to the end and in a small box you’ll find a trophy of a hand holding a golden skull seemingly dripping with something. Pick this up by pressing and holding X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation.

back 4 blood devil's return secret, port man toe? achievement

Congratulations you’ve found the secret in ‘The Devil’s Return’ mission in Back 4 Blood. This will unlock the ‘Port Man Toe?’ achievement/ trophy, taking you one step closer to 1000 Gamerscore or that coveted Platinum trophy.

For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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