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Back 4 Blood: What the Download & Install Size Is

back 4 blood download size

Back 4 Blood: What the Download & Install Size Is

If you’ve been looking for a new zombie co-op shooter game to replace Left 4 Dead 2, look no further. Turtle Rock is finally continuing their legacy with the release of Back 4 Blood, which is basically an L4D successor in every sense of the word. Four players will be able to team up together, select their weapon loadouts, and fight their way through various levels that are totally overrun with zombie hordes. Before all of that, though, you’ll first need to make sure you have enough space for it. Here’s what the download and install size is for Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Download and Install Size

Back 4 Blood is now available on consoles and PC, and at the time of writing, we’ve been able to verify the install sizes for PC and Xbox. While we can’t confirm the PlayStation size first-hand, the download size should be around the same for all three platforms.

Steam Install Size

If you’re planning on getting the game on Steam, it’ll take up 24.85 GB on your hard drive. Not too bad, especially in an age where tons of AAA games are weighing in at around 70 GB and above, and it shouldn’t take too long to download over a wireless connection either.

Xbox Install Size

If you’re planning on playing it on one of the Xbox consoles, the download size for Back 4 Blood is a little bit larger, weighing in at 34.04 GB. Still pretty manageable, but you may need to clear up some space on your console if it’s starting to fill up with too many games in your backlog.

One thing to note is that Back 4 Blood features cross-platform play, so regardless of whether you’re getting the game on PC or console, you’ll be able to play with your friends with no issue. All you have to do is head into your settings and make sure that you have the cross-platform option toggled on, and you’re good to go.

That’s all you need to know about what the download and install size is for Back 4 Blood. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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