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Fortnite: Where to Open Mission Kit & Place Jammer

fortnite mission kit

Fortnite: Where to Open Mission Kit & Place Jammer

Fortnite Week 13 has begun, and to kickstart the Legendary questline this week, players need to “Open a Mission Kit, Then Place a Jammer Outside IO Base in a Single Match.” Need help figuring out the Fortnite Mission Kit and Jammer locations? Then you’re in the right place.

This challenge will go live on Sept. 1 at 7am PT/ 10am ET and completing it will earn you 45,000 XP towards your Battle Pass for the current season.

It’s worth pointing out that, as noted in the challenge title, you’ll need to both open the mission kit and place the jammer in the same match. If you die between completing these two objectives, you’ll have to start over and do them again in a new match.

Where to Find Mission Kit in Fortnite?

First off, you’ll need to pick up a Mission Kit, to do this you’ll need to head to the hill just north of Corny Complex itself. We’ve marked its location on the map below:

fortnite mission kit location
The Mission Kit can be found just north of Corny Complex on the hill.

When you’re here, you should find a box glowing blue on the ground by the tree and the boulder. Simply walk over to this and you should be given the option to ‘Collect Jammer.’

fortnite mission kit

Do this and then you’re all set to move onto the next part of the challenge.

Where to Place the Jammer in Fortnite?

Now you’ll need to head to one of the following Jammer locations at Corny Complex:

  • On the west side of the grey mansion in the northeast corner of Corny Complex.
  • By the tree northwest of the main red barn.
  • In the field to the south of the main red barn.
where to place jammer in fortnite

We opted to go for the one by the wall of the grey mansion, as this is closer to the mission kit location we’ve shared above, making it easier to complete in a single match.

It’s worth noting that Corny Complex is going to be pretty busy with players both trying to complete the challenge, and others just trying to rack up some easy kills picking players off trying to tick it off their list.

That’s everything you need to know on where to open mission kit and place jammer in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the current season below.

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