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6 Deathloop Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

deathloop tips and tricks

6 Deathloop Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

Get to Grips the Loop Mechanic, UI, & Lead System

There are a lot of different systems and mechanics to learn during Deathloop’s linear tutorial section, and when the game finally lets you loose on Blackreef it can be a little confusing as to where to start. Our advice is to really spend a bit of time digging around Deathloop’s UI and get to grips with how to track Visionary and Arsenal Leads, as well as Discoveries.

What you’ll want to do is pick an area of Blackreef, track a Visionary, and not only go and take them out but explore and investigate everything. Deathloop’s story only progresses when Colt investigates his environment and locates various clues, called leads. Read every note and play every cassette recording you find. The more you investigate, the more waypoints will be available to help you uncover more of the story. You don’t literally have to read everything, just make sure you at least investigate them.

A good starting point (after taking out Wenji at The Complex as part of the tutorial) is Karl’s Bay; go and take on Harriet in the morning. You can read our guide on how to kill her easily. Again, though, do make sure you thoroughly investigate her office and read everything you can. From there, we recommend taking on Charlie in Updaam, and then Egor at The Complex. Charlie has a safe room at the top level of Condition Zero with lots of good leads, and there’s more to learn from Egor’s den after killing him.

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