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Twelve Minutes: Where the Watch Is Hidden


Twelve Minutes: Where the Watch Is Hidden

Created by Luis Antonio and published by Annapurna Interactive, Twelve Minutes is an interactive thriller game about a man trapped in a time loop and is forced to relive the same evening over and over again. When a cop shows up at his apartment and accuses his wife of murder, he begins to learn more about her history, as well as other items that might be hidden in the house. Here’s where the watch is hidden in Twelve Minutes.

Where the Watch Is Hidden in Twelve Minutes

First off, if you’re at the part in the story where you need to figure out where the watch is in order to progress, we’ve got a spoiler-free solution for you. Essentially, you need to put yourself in a position where you’re able to observe the proceedings of the entire evening without anyone knowing that you’re even in the apartment in the first place. If you’ve explored the place thoroughly enough, the solution should become pretty apparent to you.

If you still need a bit more help, here’s what you’re supposed to do: at the start of the loop, go straight into the closet on the left and close the door. Time will pass automatically and skip ahead to when the cop shows up. Don’t do anything and just observe the situation; eventually, the wife will reveal that the watch is hidden behind the ventilator grid, below the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

twelve minutes watch

On your next loop, examine the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, then use the house keys or the knife to interact with the ventilator grid right beneath the cabinet to open it up. Click on the object hidden inside to take the watch. This should allow you to unlock more dialogue options and learn more about the mystery in the story.

That’s all you need to know about where the watch is hidden in Twelve Minutes. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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