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Splitgate: How to Play Pantheon Race

pantheon race

Splitgate: How to Play Pantheon Race

If you’ve been hankering for a good arena shooter then developer 1047 Games‘ Splitgate is just the hot ticket. With its addictive blend of Halo-like shooting and Portal-esque traversal, it makes a classic gameplay formula feel fresh and exciting. It also means that mastering movement is just as important as honing your aim, and the game’s Race mode is the perfect tool for sharpening your skills to that end. Here’s how to play the Pantheon Race in Splitgate if you’re wondering.

The Pantheon Race Challenge tasks you with zooming around the map collecting orbs as quickly as you can. There are no weapons or shooting involved — it’s simply about completing the challenge as fast as possible. If you’ve been tasked with completing the Race as part of a daily or weekly challenge, all you need to do is finish it. There shouldn’t be any time condition attached.

However, if you’re wanting to improve your time and post a respectable time on the leader board then you’ll need to think of clever ways to use your portal to speed up each run.

How to Play Pantheon Race in Splitgate

First things first, though, you’ll need to actually find its whereabouts in-game, and it’s not particularly intuitive. To start the Pantheon Challenge, you need to visit the training menu, rather than the “Play” multiplayer tab you’ve been using to boot standard games of Splitgate.

From the Training tab, cycle to Races, then select Pantheon. Here’s a quick breakdown so it’s crystal clear:

  1. From the main menu, scroll across to the Training tab and select it.

    pantheon race

  2. Select Race.

  3. Cycle cross to Pantheon, then select and begin!

    pantheon race

And that’s everything there is to how to play the Pantheon Race in Splitgate. For more on the game, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related content we’ve listed below.

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