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Pokemon Unite Zeraora Guide: Best Moves, Items, Lanes & Tips

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Pokemon Unite Zeraora Guide: Best Moves, Items, Lanes & Tips

Zeraora is easily one of the trickiest characters in Pokemon unite. They can go all-in on a risky attack and still retreat out of harm’s way in an instant. Or you can pop up quickly into either top or bottom lane to finish off opponents that find themselves out of position. Here’s our guide for the best moves, items, lanes, and tips for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite.

Best Moves, Items, Lanes & Tips For Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

If you don’t have Zeraora, you may want to check out our guide on how to obtain this Mythical Pokemon. This ‘mon is definitely worth picking up if you prefer a more offensive-minded play style. And best of all, Zeraora is completely free until Aug. 31. It’ll still be obtainable after that date, but no longer as a gift. But if you already have one, then you’ll probably be more interested in the information down below.

Best Zeraora Moves

Truly, the best moves for Zeraora depend upon how you’re going to play the character. However, the general consensus around Zeraora right now is that it’s best to play them as a character that pops up from out of nowhere, quickly gets KOs, and then retreats back to the mid lane or a Goal Zone.

Best R Move

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Zeraora using Volt Switch

In that case, there’s no doubt that Volt Switch is the best option for Zeraora’s R button attack. This move lets you dash over walls, make a sudden appearance out of the grass, retreat if you dive in too far, and it even buffs basic attack speed.

Spark is nice since it can be used three times before the cooldown begins, but the movement options and buff you get from Volt Switch just make it too good.

Best ZR Move

Although Zerora’s best R button move is pretty clear, both of its ZR moves are fairly powerful. Wild Charge sends Zerora charging at an opponent while damaging itself a bit and dealing a combo attack if it lands. Then if Spark or Volt Switch had been used immediately before, the length of the combo increases.

The other option is Discharge which electrifies an area around Zerora, gives it a shield, and can pull enemies toward the center of the area. While Wild Charge might seem like a better option, Discharge is certainly safer since it doesn’t do any self-damage. On top of that, there are no prerequisite attacks to get the full power of the attack which lets you use it on the fly. Wild Charge is definitely good, but at this point, Discharge is the better ZR move option.

Best Items for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

There are tons of different Held Item combinations you can have for Zeraora. But when it comes to the Thunderclap Pokemon’s battle item, it’s a bit more obvious.

Best Battle Item

It’s the Eject Button. At this point in the meta the Eject Button goes on pretty much everything since it can be used defensively to stay alive or offensively to close the distance on a fleeing opponent. The only exception is if you don’t have the Eject Button yet. In that case, you can use the Fluffy Tail to help you quickly KO wild Pokemon.

Keep in mind that buffs or nerfs to items and maybe even Pokemon may change this in the future.

Best Held Items

There are so many Held Items already available at launch that it can be difficult to determine which ones should be used. There are certain ones that clearly lend themselves to working well on specific Pokemon, but there are often more than the maximum of three items that seem like they could work well.

So far there are two Held Items that you absolutely must have on Zeraora. And they are the Float Stone and Muscle Band. The Float Stone slightly raises attack and greatly improves movement speed. The Muscle band greatly improves attack strength and basic attack speed. Overall, this combo of items makes Zerora a speedy beast.

The third item is truly up to you. The Energy Amplifier, Attack Weight, and Rocky Helmet are all solid options for the third slot.

If you’re having trouble dealing damage at close range, try the Rocky Helmet which hurts enemies nearby passively. The Attack Weight to increase attack every time you score. And the Energy Amplifier can make Zeraora a team fight expert by decreasing move cooldown, giving Zerora access to its Unite Move more often, and by making that Unite Move even stronger.

Best Lane for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

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Zeraora scoring on a top lane Goal Zone

The best lane for Zeraora is the middle and it’s not even close right now. The wild Pokemon in the mid-lane will give you plenty of XP to quickly level up and get Zeraora strong enough to be the assassin it was meant to be. Slash and Agility are perfectly fine early-game moves, but you’ll want to wait until you get Spark or Volt Switch before attacking opponents in the other lanes.

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Tips & Tricks

Don’t worry too much about the top and bottom lanes in the very early stages of the match. There’s nothing you can do in the first minute or two that will assure your team’s victory. Just focus on gaining XP by battling wild Pokemon to start. As you get your more powerful attacks, then you can start assisting teammates or taking out opponents that put themselves out of position.

Avoid groups of enemies. Zeraora is at its best when taking out opponents one by one or when finishing off fleeing opponents. At the same time, choose your opponents wisely. If you see a Snorlax fighting a bunch of bees by itself, don’t just jump in there. Defenders with lots of HP can counter Zeraora as long as they’re adequately leveled. Machamp is a dangerous opponent to face one-on-one too.

Give it some time and if their HP drops low enough, then you might be able to jump in there and get a KO before they can take you out. But never initiate a one-on-one battle with one of those Pokemon at max HP no matter how confident you are in your abilities.

Patience and committing to a one-on-one will make the difference between a good Zeraora player and an average one. But you must also recognize when to retreat if things don’t go your way. Over-pursuing an opponent who meets up with a support or picks up a Berry is a good way to get KO’d. Always have an escape plan. This is where the Eject Button comes in handy.

That’s all there is to know about the best moves, items, lanes, and tips for Zeraora in Pokemon Unite. If you want to play the other characters in Pokemon Unite, then check out our guide on Unite Licenses.

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