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Madden NFL 22: Saw It Coming Achievement Guide


Madden NFL 22: Saw It Coming Achievement Guide

Of Madden NFL 22’s 19 achievements, only seven are unlocked through on-field play, and Saw It Coming is one of them. This achievement requires players to use a tendency counter on a play that results in a turnover, and it’s most easily done by setting up two controllers, or getting a friend to help you out. Doing this against the AI would require a lot of pure luck and isn’t advised. Saw it Coming will net you 75 Gamerscore, and is one of only three achievements in the game that is unique to the Xbox Series X version. The other two achievements are unfortunately broken and can not be obtained at the moment.

How to Unlock Saw It Coming in Madden NFL 22

To begin, set up and exhibition match from the main menu, setting one controller/player to each team. Set the account that you wish to earn the achievement on to play as the Kansas City Chiefs as they have the highest-rated safety in the league, Tyrann Mathieu. Set your other controller to play as the Houston Texans, because they don’t have the highest-rated anything. Make sure each team’s skill level is set to All-Madden, as this makes it easier to get interceptions.

Up next, you can select each team’s game plan. For the Texans, you want to set their offensive focus to Throw It Deep, and the defensive focus can be anything. As for the Chiefs, choose Defend Deep Pass for the defensive focus, while the offensive focus doesn’t matter and can be anything. Start up the game, then make sure the Chiefs are kicking off, as you’ll want to have them on defense.

Once the Texans have the ball, you’re going to want to go all out with Hail Mary plays. These can be found under Play By Type > Pass > Hail Mary. For those unfamiliar, these are obscenely long passing play that are usually reserved for last-second desperation touchdown attempts from long distances, and are very hard to throw accurately. On defense, choose any one of the recommended plays that isn’t a blitz.

Madden NFL 22 Interception - Saw It Coming

Now for the tricky part. To start, snap the ball on offense and wait a second, then throw a lob to the most downfield receiver by quickly tapping the pass button. This will give you ample time to pick up your other controller. Just before the ball lands, press B to switch to the safety or defensive back who is nearest to the ball, and then immediately press Y to attempt an interception. If an interception is made, your achievement will unlock, netting you a sweet 75 Gamerscore.

If the pass goes incomplete, simply try again and hope for better luck. If it ends up being a miracle catch by the offense, then you can run backwards on the next play and go out of bounds to buy yourself more room for another Hail Mary attempt. If the Texans score, or there is a turnover on downs, run backwards for a safety with the Chiefs, which will allow you to kick off back to the Texans on the very next play, so you can try some more interceptions.

How to Unlock Saw It Coming in Madden NFL 22

  1. Arrange an Exhibition match with two controllers. Your main account should control the Chiefs, while the second should play as the Texans.

  2. Set the skill levels of both teams to All-Madden. For the Texans’ offensive game plan, choose Throw It Deep. For the Chief’s defensive plan, choose Defend Deep Pass. The other two focuses don’t matter.

  3. Get the Texans on offense, then attempt a Hail Mary (Play By Type > Pass > Hail Mary). On defense, select any one of the suggested plays, except for blitzes.

  4. Snap the ball, wait a second, then throw a lob to the furthest receiver by quickly tapping the pass button. Right before the ball comes to land, press B with your Chiefs controller to switch to the nearest defender, then immediately hit Y to attempt an interception. If successful, you’ll unlock the achievement.

  5. If unsuccessful, set up for another try. It will require some luck. If the Chiefs end up on offense, run backwards for a safety to easily turn the ball back over for more attempts.

At 75 Gamerscore, only the ROTY achievement in Madden NFL 22 is worth more than Saw It Coming. As most achievements in the game take place in the offseason and more predictable, this achievement is one of the most difficult in the game, so it’s great to have it out of the way early.

This should be everything you need to know to unlock Saw It Coming in Madden NFL 22, but if you’d like to learn more about this game, or want more achievements, be sure to search for them on Twinfinite.

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