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Warzone: How to Fix Error Code 6 (Diver Error)

warzone error code 6

Warzone: How to Fix Error Code 6 (Diver Error)

If you’ve been hit with the Warzone Error Code 6 or Diver Error, you may be wondering what you need to do to fix it. This often happens when there’s been an interruption in your connection to the servers when downloading an update file, or the game has been unable to verify all files are intact and not corrupted. Here’s how to fix Warzone Error Code 6 or Error Code Diver.

Diver Error Code 6 Explained – What Is It?

The Diver Error, or Error Code 6 is shown when a download such as an update or patch has not downloaded properly, or it’s missing files.

When this happens, the game will display the error code and you won’t be able to play Warzone until it’s resolved.

Fixing Error Code 6/ Diver Error in Warzone

  1. Quit the game and close the application from your PlayStation or Xbox’s home screen.
  2. Turn your wireless router off and on again. Wait for 3-5 minutes until your wireless internet connection is up and running again.
  3. Load up Warzone and you should no longer receive the Error Code 6/ Diver Error.

If this fails to fix the problem, make sure that everything is up and running properly on Raven Software’s end. It could be that the game’s servers are having difficulties and as such your game cannot retrieve the update files required to play.

Failing that, you may need to try uninstalling and reinstalling Warzone on your PC and console. It’s recommended you use this as a last resort, however, as the Warzone file size is pretty massive, so it could take a while to complete the download (depending on your internet connection).

That’s everything you need to know on how to fix error code 6 in Warzone, also referred to as ‘Diver Error.’ For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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