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Art of Rally: All Weather Achievements Guide

Art of Rally blue car drifting

Art of Rally: All Weather Achievements Guide

Recent Game Pass addition, Art of Rally features four achievements, Mittens, Where is the Stage, Snorkel, and Night Ride, for completing stages in various weather conditions. Specifically, you need to complete races during snowfall, fog, rain, and at night respectively. While nighttime isn’t really a weather condition, it’s unlocked through the same method, so it’ll be included. These are not difficult to perform at all, and with this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to unlock the four weather achievements in Art of Rally.

How to Unlock the Weather Achievements in Art of Rally

All four of these achievements are unlocked in almost the same way. Where is the Stage, Snorkel, and Night Ride can be unlocked on the same stage in Art of Rally, while Mittens requires a different location. Other than that, the unlock process is identical. When you launch the game, you should automatically begin in Free Roam mode, so quit out to the main menu and choose to set up a custom rally, where most achievements are unlocked.

For your location, you’re going to want to choose Finland and set the stage count to one. The AI difficulty does not matter as you do not need to win, and the damage setting can be ignored as well. Press A to advance to the map selection screen, then choose Lassila as your stage. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you should see an option to change the weather. Press X to cycle through the weather options which will appear on the polaroid to the right. For Where is the Stage?, choose fog. For Snorkel, choose rain, and for Night Ride, choose night.

Art of Rally Weather Achievements - Where is the Stage?, Snorkel, Night Ride, Mittens
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For your car, choose any that you please, then start the race. All you need to do is finish the stage, which for Lassila, should take just a few minutes as it’s only 2.5 miles long. In total, you’ll need to repeat this process three times, once for each of those three weather options. Upon passing the finish line each time, you’ll unlock Art of Rally’s Where is the Stage, Snorkel, and Night Ride weather achievements, and now you can move on to Mittens.

Mittens requires a different stage, as snow is not an option for Lassila. Instead, load up the Norway stage, Lake Rastavatn, and set the weather to snow. This stage is longer, at 3.8 miles. Some players have reported having issues with getting this achievement to pop correctly. If it doesn’t work, force-quit the game and reload it, then try again. Some have stated that the achievement eventually unlocked, just much, much later. If you’re having any trouble, come back to it in a day or so, and it may have unlocked on its own.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Unlock the Weather Achievements in Art of Rally

  1. Set up a one-stage custom rally on Finland – Lassila.

  2. On the stage selection screen, press X to cycle through the weather options.

    Set it to fog for Where is the Stage, rain for Snorkel, or night for Night Ride.

  3. Complete the stage to unlock each condition’s respective achievement.

  4. For Mittens, set up a one-stage custom rally on Norway – Lake Rastavatn.

  5. Set the weather to snow and complete the stage.

These four achievements combined will get you 60 Gamerscore, being worth 15 each, and they certainly come easier than some of the game’s other achievements.

That is everything you should need to know about how to unlock the weather achievements Where is the Stage, Snorkel, Night Ride, and Mittens in Art of Rally. Best of luck with knocking these ones out. If you’re interested in learning more about this game, be sure to check out the rest of our guides by searching Twinfinite.

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