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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Summation Examination Explained: How to Sway the Jury


Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Summation Examination Explained: How to Sway the Jury

After a long wait, Capcom is finally localizing The Great Ace Attorney games and bringing them to English-speaking territories. These games are a huge jump from the original Ace Attorney trilogy and even Dual Destinies as it introduces quite a few new mechanics both in and out of the courtroom. Here’s how the new Summation Examination mechanic works, and how to sway the jury in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Summation Examination Explained

Once you clear the first two chapters of the game, you’ll finally get to take on your first case and trial in the courts of Britain.

Unlike previous trials, there will be a jury present during the proceedings, and you need to keep their opinions in mind as they have the power to force the trial to a premature end if they feel they’ve had enough.

Each time you start a cross-examination, you’ll be able to press your witness on each statement they make with the L button. This can be useful, and it could turn up new information that you can use in the trial.

However, with a jury present, pressing statements can turn up more info that sways the jury into thinking that the defendant is guilty.

Do this too often, and the jury may be inclined to end the trial quickly with a guilty verdict. When this happens, you can perform a Summation Examination, which gives you a chance to sway the jury and continue the trial.

A Summation Examination basically works similarly to cross-examinations; all you have to do is listen to each of the jury’s reasonings for wanting to end the trial, and find contradictory statements between different jury members.

For instance, in the first Britain trial, two jury members presenting conflicting statements about the bus fare.

By selecting both these statements during the Summation Examination, you can pit both jury members against each other and make them question their decision.

great ace attorney chronicles summation examination

Once you’ve convinced three or four jury members to retract their statements, the Summation Examination will end, and the trial can continue.

Do note that choosing the wrong statements will result in a penalty, and receiving five penalties will cause you to get a game over.

That’s all you need to know about how the Summation Examination works in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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