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Valorant: Best KAY/O Lineups Ascent

best KAY/O lineups, Valorant

Valorant: Best KAY/O Lineups Ascent

Valorant’s latest Agent, KAY/O, has a powerful kit of throwable utility that is extremely effective on both attack and defense for scouting enemy positions and slowing their advance. But to get the most out of him you’ll need to learn a few handy lineups. Here we’ve put together a guide running through the best KAY/O Lineups on Ascent, which is one of his best maps.

Best Valorant KAY/O Lineups on Ascent


As an Initiator Agent, KAY/O’s primary role in a given attacking round is to prepare the spike site for his team mate’s to execute on.

His ability to scout areas using his knife, which also disables their own utility, is hugely powerful because it both gives away their positions and makes them much less effective at holding a site.

He is also able to use flashes to deny their line of site, and an AOE grenade (which will be referred to as a “molly” in this guide) to deny space. Let’s review some of the best strategies, shall we?

Note: Lineups are typically performed by lining up part of a utility symbol on a landmark. Once deployed, keep looking at the mini-map on each video to note where it lands and why it is effective.

A Site Execute

Lineup the top of the knife symbol with the chimney of the house.

Starting simple, this knife lineup is effective for scouting whether there are enemies on-site. You should always expect at least one player to be A heaven, but this knife will also tell you if someone is hiding behind the generator, under heaven, or behind a box.

Alternatively, you can simply knife the wall directly in front of the orb to scout garden.

A Execute Molly

lineup cross hair with the top of the wall (just above the righthand hole), then jump and throw molly right at the top of the jump

This molly is excellent for pushing defenders off A heaven, and it can be especially useful if you think there is an operator waiting to pick someone rushing A main. It can be a little tricky to time the throw and jump; make sure you throw right at the top of the jump and not as you’re falling back down.

B Site Execute

This is a really nice knife lineup that will reveal enemies’ position at CT and/or market. The timing is such that you can throw it, then quickly run to B Main and throw a flash before rushing the site. Or you can simply use this at the start of a round to probe enemy positions.

B Execute Pop Flash

Jump onto the top box, then under arm throw (right click) in combination with a jump forward.

In combination with the knife lineup shown before, this pop flash is brilliant for rushing B. KAY/O’s ability to throw his flashes in such a way that the enemy has no time to react is one of the strongest features of his flash utility, and this takes full advantage of it.

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