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Think You Know Everything About Mushoku Tensei? Take This Quiz to Find Out

mushoku tensei

Think You Know Everything About Mushoku Tensei? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Mushoku Tensei is widely regarded as the “grandfather of isekai in the anime world. Isekai tropes are isekai tropes because of this series, and if you’re looking for a good isekai show with fantastic world-building and an in-depth magic system, you can’t go wrong with this show (so long as you’re willing to overlook some of its questionable flaws).

The anime adaptation, dubbed Jobless Reincarnation, premiered at the start of 2021 and the first part of the season has just concluded. You’ve probably already watched it though, and if you now fancy yourself a Mushoku Tensei expert, you can prove it with the trivia quiz down below.

Do be warned, though, that it won’t be a cake walk. You’ll need to have seen the anime, and have good knowledge of the manga and the light novels as well.

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Think You Know Everything About Mushoku Tensei? Take the Quiz to Find Out

How many known voiceless magicians are there in the world of Mushoku Tensei?
Divine Strike is a type of magic that falls under which category?
How old was the main character when he died and reincarnated as Rudeus?
Why did Roxy decided to leave her tribe?
Which of these nations in the Central Continent is known for their research into magic?
The Asura Kingdom is located in which part of the Central Continent?
Which of these is not an effect of the Laplace Factor?
Ruijerd's third eye ability allows him to strike foes with a magical blast from afar. True or false?
What are the names of Rudeus' two sisters?
What is Ghislaine's current Sword rank?

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