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New Biomutant Patch Released on PC Improves Tutorial Pacing, Adds Narrator & Dialogue Options


New Biomutant Patch Released on PC Improves Tutorial Pacing, Adds Narrator & Dialogue Options

As reported a few days back, Experiment 101 revealed that they were working on a new patch for Biomutant based on community feedback. This would tweak the combat a little, as well as add narrator and dialogue pacing options. The patch is now available on PC, and is set to be released for consoles soon.

The full patch notes are pretty extensive and you can check them out here, but these are the highlights:

Tutorial Area
In order to improve the pacing of the early parts of the game, we’ve edited dialogues to be shorter. We’ve also added more enemies and loot to these areas to better represent the experience later in the game.

  • Added more early enemy encounters.
  • Added missing loot in empty trenches outside Jagni Fortress.
  • Added Item drop chance for Bunker 101 crates.
  • Updated Best-Before memory to decrease the distance between the Nonos and the Pensai tree.
  • Removed some parts of Out-of-Date and Best-Before’s dialogues to improve pacing.
  • Removed multiple dialogue fragments to shorten tutorial area length.
  • Removed some parts of Goop and Gizmo’s dialogues to improve pacing.
  • Removed multiple camera presentations to improve pacing.

Dialogue & Narrator

  • Reduced the amount of gibberish spoken before the Narrator starts translating.
  • Added dialogue setting toggles for “Gibberish” and “Narrator” allowing players to select if they want to hear the narrator, the gibberish or both when talking to NPCs.
  • Fixed narration and gibberish playing silently and producing an awkward pause when each corresponding volume setting is set to 0 instead of skipping the sound entirely.
  • Removed the text delay animation when either gibberish or narration is disabled.

Difficulty Settings

  • Added “Extreme” difficulty setting, where enemy damage and attack rate is further increased.
  • Fixed difficulty settings not being applied for already spawned enemies.

New Game+

  • Opened up all class perks for NG+ games. When starting an NG+ game, the player will now be able to unlock perks from all classes.

Biomutant is now available for PC and consoles.

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